Flowerbeds, Fishing and Mischief

In these first few days of summer Wes has been put to work in this scary flowerbed.
He is still a fan of getting as dirty as he possibly can. Loves the dirt.

This is what girls do that want to get the attention of a boy. Interesting. Should at least leave calling card. Wes' truck after it stayed over night at our Youth minister's house.

Wes is now on a fishing trip with his youth group. They caught a bunch of catfish this morning. He is lovin it! I need him home though soon...need to put that boy back to work!
Blessings on your day!


Becky V said…
Are you going to post the 'after' pics of the flowerbed? I'm impressed to see such a hard-working teenager! He MUST have been working hard to get that dirty. :)
Amy said…
Hey Becky!! Good to see your face! I will post after pictures when I can afford to fill up the flower bed with pretty flowers. ha! Right now the budget could only take a few flowers and believe me it is not all that pretty! Thanks!

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