Enchanted Wedding. Rachel and Colt

Mr. and Mrs. Colt McCoy

It was an wonderful weekend of wedding fun. From the rehearsal to wedding day luncheon to reception. I am thankful we were able to be there and share in the fun and memories.

Table at Rehearsal dinner. Sweet.

Bridal luncheon. Lots of smiles and laughter.

Beautiful girls.

Mothers, Grandmothers, Rachel and Aunts. Lots of them!
Debra and her sweet sisters and sisters in law's


My goofy boys. They make me smile. They were waiting for two hours for the wedding.
More goofy, sweet boys.
Brad and Dick and Tammy. Love you guys so much.

Isn't the flower girl precious?

They put pictures of the bride and groom's parents and grandparent's wedding cake pictures beside the cake. Such a sweet setting and idea.
Gorgeous outdoor setting for the reception.

My sweetheart.

Yes, that is who you think it is. So fun to meet him and his wife.

My wonderful Daddy

Gorgeous tables of food.


The lovely bride.

The best man

My sweet brother and wife

Aaron Watson
I just loved these beautiful lights they had hanging around outside.

Debra and Colt
Debra and her sweetheart
Wasn't her dress lovely?

Smores for the kiddos and young at heart. :)

Michael giving Colt his wedding gift. Sweet.
Fireworks at the end of the evening.

Wes, texting some girl...I am sure.

Sorry these are a little blurry toward the end. I had tears in my eyes and could not focus too well. What is it about the bride and groom leaving the reception? It kind of squeezes my heart and chokes me up. I kept picturing Colt at age two and ten and sixteen and it made me cry. Happy tears yes and I have to admit sad ones too. Watching our children grow up is not always easy on our hearts. Change, and life moving on is constant and sometimes I am nostalgic for the days of old. I feel that way a little bit today.

But, then I think...we now have beautiful, kind, loving Rachel as a part of this family and we are blessed.
This change is a lovely one.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. His divine power has given us everything we need for life and Godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness. 2 Peter 1:2&3


Tim Archer said…
Looks like a great family moment. I know that life is probably crazy for Colt and lots of the family right now, but I'm glad y'all got to share a "normal" time.

Grace and peace,
Tim Archer
Anonymous said…
So sweet, Amy! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel looks a lot like Debra in some of those pictures with her big, beautiful smile. Doesn't a boy more often than not choose a bride much like his own mother? They make a gorgeous couple.

Miss you so much,
BEAUTIFUL pics and family! What a fun time for all. She had such nice small details! Loved seeing the pics. What a blessing they will be to people in their new beginning. So glad you shared...hope all is well with you...are you feeling better? Keeping you in prayer. :)
Candie said…
Well, Lance found it on TMZ before I had a chance to read your blog!!! Loved the pictures. Beautiful people, inside and out. I've followed Aaron Watson since he first started out. I saw him 10 years ago in Rocksprings, Texas at a rodeo. He seems to have also grown up to be a very respectable person "on and off the job". Congratulations to your family. It's so sweet to add amazing people to your family. Thanks for sharing.
Mardi said…
Great photos, Amy! You got some great shots!! I agree with your final comments...I have a beautiful new daughter, but it's still sad that my baby's all grown up.
Anonymous said…
They are good pics Amy I hope to see you again at red river 2011
Emily Davis said…
Amy I just shared your pics with Billie and Milfred what a special time we felt like we got to be there too. Great pictures. Thank you so much. Love you girlie. Emily
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pics of a beautiful family.Pat & Larry Gill, Merkel,TX.
Anonymous said…
thank you sooooo much for the pics they were abosoultly beautiful!
This just made my day...tears are flowing....awesome!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I prayed every season for this young man, I cried when he got hurt that year and on the stretcher he pointed to heaven (A&M game if I remember right) and again at the National Championship...as a Mom of boys, this so hits my heart...one of mine is married!!!

Blessings to the whole family
Warren Baldwin said…
Great photos and story of this wonderful event. wb

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