Thursday, August 26, 2010

California Dreamin on a hot Texas day.

Good morning! Our little cool front is long gone but we are still happy to be in the 90's today instead of the hundreds! My cousin Rick Gibson posted this incredibly wonderful video on facebook this morning and it just made me long for California coolness. Thank you Rick! It is so refreshing! I have a very fond place in my heart for California and family that live there. My mom is from Bakersfield and every summer of my life while I was living at home we took a two week vacation to California. We visited all of the cousins and Disneyland and the beach. Such fond memories. Our family took a trip out to California last year for Will's senior trip. It was a blast and I added a few pictures from that wonderful trip below this video. We promised ourselves we would go back to the beach this summer but we could not make it happen. So...for now we are just California dreamin'.

Blessings on your day being cool and lovely.

If you are living in California, please enjoy the sweater weather. Inhale that crisp coastal air, stick your toes in the sand and water and go say hello to Mickey for me. Thanks! Blessings.

(Just pause the blog music and enjoy this video. Dolphins and a whale.)