Friday Night Lights...The Final Chapter

We won our first district game last night. The Dragons are on a roll! So proud of how Wes played. He has a pulled muscle in his back but kept on going. There was actually a cooler breeze blowing last night. I think the cool front was teasing us a little. It was a blessing not to be dripping with sweat just sitting watching football. So wonderful. In my mind I keep trying not to think about all of the "lasts" going on with our Senior big ole football boy. Sometimes I guess it is good to just ignore it. ha. Although, it is probably more healthy to cry when you need to and be emotional when you feel like it. I am thankful God does not get tired of hearing me whine or listening to me talk about the same things over and over. I am sure He wonders if I will ever mature. hmmm....I wonder sometimes too.
Love this shot. Kind of weird looking

My sweet sister in law and brother came to visit for a few days and to see Wes play. What a blessing it was to have them here for a while. Fun. Fun. This was actually the first time Brad sat in the stands and paid to watch a high school football game... I think ever. He has coached for many many years and now is in a different business.
It was fun to hear his take on the game,
and a lovely time just visiting with Debra.
Thanks for the visit you guys!
The sky was very lovely for a few minutes.

The Pirates were trying to scare us at first but...

They surrendered by the third quarter. :)

Gorgeous harvest moon.

Dad congratulating the quarterback hunter.
Very random but these were the seats in a Whataburger that we stopped in late last night. Probably only in Texas.
Another random pic. My brother does a lot of his work on his phone. For some reason (thanks AT&T) his phone would not work good in our house. This was his office for some of the day. Kind of funny.
Well...blessings on the rest of your weekend! Come on rain and cool front!
Happy times and bygone
days are never truth,
they grow more wonderful
within the heart that keeps them.
(Kay Andrew)


Well I just got chill bumps on the last quote! Wow, so true.
I also love that you feel you need to mature, I wonder all the time when that time will a young wife I thought it would come at age 40...well missed that and now at almost 50 I believe it will be in heaven.
Love the football shots...none of our five boys played football, but I do miss high school football...nothing like it.
The Whataburger sets are priceless!!
Diana said…
Enjoyed all your pics!! What a great weekend.....

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