Monday, September 20, 2010


Wow! Monday's keep coming around really fast! We had a fun weekend. Georgia and Hollis (Mom and Dad) came for a visit and to watch "The Mess" play. (We lovingly called Will our oldest "Will the Thrill" and our youngest "Wes the Mess" when when they were little.) They thought it was funny and so did we. There were lots of other nick names, but hmm....I have gotten off track. Anyway, the folks were here and we loved it. Wes and the Dragons won their game and we had fun watching lots of college football on Sat., especially the Longhorns and the Red Raiders Sat. night. Our nephew Case is playing backup quarterback for the Texas Longhorns. He did not make it in the game this week but we are waiting patiently! Go Case!

This picture of the folks was taken two years ago on their 50th anniversary cruise that they so loving took us all on with them. SO. FUN.
Wes...#13...quarterback hunter. He eats them for supper. :)
Love this flag. So big and beautiful.
Had to include this hilarious picture from the pep rally on Friday. Blue Man.
We drove around our lovely town on Sat. and viewed some of the gorgeous homes with Mom and Dad. I love old houses. This one is especially fine.
On a funny note for the day... Sid turned 50 not too long ago!!! Woo Hoo! He is "ticked off" (his words) that he is now getting American Association of Retired People and lots of other "old people" mail. ha. He also decided that he needed a good check up and physical so his doc is doing tests on him that 50 year old people need to have done. He is prepping for a colonoscopy today. Men. I have no words... (but I am laughing a little!)
Have a blessed and happy day!


Diana said...

Enjoyed the update. I love looking at old homes, too!

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

SO glad you had such a wonderful time with your folks. I enjoyed all the wonderful pictures.