Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkins and Mums...I'm In Love

I got out early this morning on my way to get groceries for the weekend. Our college boy IS COMING HOME this weekend! We are excited to see him. Anyway, I threw my camera in the car because you never know when you will see the perfect picture taking opportunity. As I was driving to the grocery store I noticed that a beautiful church I was passing by had pumpkins all over their front lawn. The sun was shining so nicely on them so I could not resist. I then went on down that same street because it is lined with old homes and took a few more shots.
I am in love with Autumn.
Thank you Lord for this beautiful day!
Please take time to read one of my FAVORITE stories at the bottom of this blog entry. Thanks!

This is a lovely plant nursery close to downtown.

I also want to leave you with one of my favorite all time stories. It is long but oh, so good. It has helped us mold some character in our boys in lots of ways as they have grown.
Thank you John W. Smith!

Which Kind Are You?

"Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector."
Luke 18:10

One night after church Judi needed a few things from the store. We went to the local grocery store, and because it was totally dark and raining lightly, I dropped her off at the front door. I parked where I could see both store exits so I could pick her up when she came out. For this time of night there were alot of shoppers. I opened my window about three inches to keep it from fogging.

There was a Chevy station wagon parked pretty close to me, and as I waited, the family who owned it came out. They had their sacks of groceries in a shopping cart. There were five of them. The husband and wife were about thirty five- he was pudgy and balding; she was just sorta plain vanilla- except for her hair. The rain and gentle glow of the parking lot caused it to shine nice and soft, and it curled on her head. I wanted to tell her how pretty it was, but I didn't. They had a boy- about ten years old, I guess. He was pushing the cart. He looked about right- jeans, T-shirt, and Reebok's. There were two nondescript others- about four and six.

The father opened the tailgate of the station wagon, and he and the boy unloaded the cart. When they finished, the father said, "Run the cart over there to the collection area, Danny."
As I said, it was raining- not hard, though- it wasn't offensive- just sort of a warm, pleasant drizzle that makes you want a good book, a fire, someone you love, and the leisure to be drowsy.

The boy didn't want to do it. They were about forty yards from me. I could hear them plainly, but I am sure they never noticed me.
"Aw, Dad, it's raining." he complained. "It will only take a second, and it won't hurt you." But there was no conviction in his voice. The father was reasoning with the boy- treating him as an equal- and the boy took full advantage.

"Those people over there didn't put theirs back." he argued, pointing to several carts carelessly left in various places.
"We are not responsible for them, just for us." the father rejoined. "But who cares!" the boy replied. "They got people hired to come out here and collect the carts."
The mother, tired of waiting, now joined in on the boy's side. "For heaven's sake, Carl, come on! One more cart in the parking lot won't change the history of the world."

The boys sensed victory, he quickly pushed the cart to one side and opened the door to get in. The father shrugged his shoulders in defeat, move to the driver's side door, and put his hand on the door handle. Then he stopped. At first I couldn't figure out why, but I followed his eyes across the misty parking lot, and I saw what he saw- an elderly couple, her arm in his, slowly pushing their cart toward the collection area. It caused a whole transformation in him. His posture straightened, his chin lifted, and his shoulders squared a little. I suspect he looked much like the man he had been when he got married. And when he spoke, there was a firmness and authority in his voice. "Danny," he said, "come here."

Danny didn't hesitate, and Danny didn't argue-
Danny came.

"Do you see those carts that are in the cart collection area? There are two kinds of people, Danny- those who put their carts away and those who don't. In this family, we put our carts away, because that's the kind of people we are. Don't ever forget that, Danny. Now put that cart where it belongs."

As the boy directed the cart to its appropriate place, it occurred to me how right the father was. There are two kinds of people in every area of life- two kinds of people- two kinds of fathers.

Which kind are you?

Blessings on your day! Amy

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Becky V said...

Simply lovely photos, Amy, as usual! It is a beautiful time of year, isn't it? I love the sight of the Pumpkin Patch too. All those cheery pumpkins lined up to be picked from. (And then they make me think of your delicious pumpkin muffins -- you should post that recipe!) So glad you had such a delightful morning, and so glad Will is coming home. Enjoy your weekend!