Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Road Trip: New Orleans...Colt's 2nd NFL Start.

What a fun filled weekend of football!! It will probably never happen again, but in one weekend we watched Wes' team WIN in their Friday night game then traveled to Houston for a college football game in the gorgeous Reliant stadium and then drove in the dark through the swamps into Louisiana to New Orleans to see Colt play against the Saints the next day.

High school, college and pro football all in one weekend. What fun.

Below are alot of pictures of our weekend. Starting on our drive late on Sat. to Louisiana.

Full moon for our drive into the swamp land.

Have you ever seen one of these? We got up for breakfast in Baton Rouge where we stayed and this was in the breakfast area. Probably only in Louisiana.

The next few pictures are of crazy, fun Saints fans. We sat out and people watched for about an hour before the game. I have been to a few Dallas Cowboy's games in the past but they do not compare at all to the excitement and craziness of game day in New Orleans and the outgoingness of their fans. Wow.

A guy dressed up like a voo doo something. Weird.

The Browns beat the Saints! It was so fun. Colt played good! Note to the coach: "Turn him loose and let him throw the ball! I know you were just being safe and conservative but just turn him loose! This boy can throw!!!" So proud of him! If they are smart he will be the starter the rest of the season. I am just a bit biased, but it is true. :) In my opinion this team jelled and played well because of Colt's leadership and poise.
The Browns jumped out there and the Saints tried to catch up but it did not happen.

David Thomas plays for the Saints. He is a former Longhorn and a good friend of Colt's. It was fun to see him score a touchdown.

I tried to catch Colt talking to Drew Brees but snapped it right after they talked. Funny thing, now that I am looking at this picture I see Chase Daniel in it with his hat on backwards as always. Makes me laugh.
Colt giving his Grandmother a hug. Proud DaddyBurl standing by.

So good to see Colt and Rachel. It will be a while til we see them again.

They live in such a different world.
Caught this picture of Dad talking to Jake Delhomme. He is really a great, nice guy.

After the game the three of us stayed in New Orleans for the night and came back the next morning so we could look around and relax a little. I love the buildings. Balconies with lush ferns hanging all around.
We of course first stopped at Cafe Du Monde. Yum.

This was the lobby of our Hampton Inn that we stayed in in the French Quarter. So very cool.

We decided to go see what Bourbon Street looked like because we thought there would be no one down there on a Sunday night. Boy...were we wrong. That is one wild street! We snapped a few pictures and got out of there. Scary. It felt like Halloween and it is not until next Sunday. There is an eerie, dark feel to that part of town. I am not a fan.

Jazz and Blue's music everywhere.
Strange shop that sold very funky stuff plus tons of mardi gra beads.
Some one told us not to go down the street this way. They said it was too rough. Glad we didn't go that way. It was interesting enough the few blocks that we did go down. Boy. So interesting that we made a mad dash outa there. My skin was crawling. People need the Lord. Bottom line. The trip down this street made me think about all of the scriptures about light compared to darkness that are in the Bible.
I stopped this guy to take his picture. Very cool seeing a Browns jersey with Colt's number and name on it. Woo hoo!!
We stopped in Natchitoches, Louisiana on the way back. It is one beautiful little town. Gorgeous flowers and the historical district is right on the river. Ah...lovely.

Blessings on your day and thanks for reading this long post. I will leave you with this thought:

A woman was asked by a coworker, "What is it like to be a Christian?" The woman replied, "It is like being a pumpkin. God picks you from the patch, brings you in, and washes all the dirt off of you. Then He cuts off the top and scoops out all the yucky stuff. He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, and greed. Then He carves you a new smiling face and puts His light inside of you to shine for all the world to see."


Tim Archer said...

Looks like a fun trip. Glad you guys got to go.

Got to see Randy McDonald here last week. He said he sees you guys.

Hope you are well.

Grace and peace,
Tim Archer

Elizabeth Mullins said...

So glad that you guys had a great weekend full of football. So proud of Colt and happy that he had a good game! I want my boys to grow up to love the Lord like he does too! Thanks again for your family's wonderful example!

Anonymous said...

Amy, you have such a gift for writing! What a wonderful family trip you had, such a blessing. Your boys are so cute and Colt looks great, I know you are SO proud.

Dave, my husband got to hear Brad speak at one of the churches in Rockwall and said it was incredible. Dave said he really made an impression. Hw had a good visit w hum afterwards. Brad is touching many people and I know that pleases Christ.

Hope your family is well! Again, love your writing.

Kathryn Abston

Mark's Remarks said...

Loved the photos! I'm glad you guys got to have such a fun trip--topping it off with a big Browns victory.

Mark Edge

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Wow..how much fun sports mom and aunt!!!
Yes my husband came screaming through the house after Colt's performance...he was so proud of him!!
Then to play against Drew Brees...what can be said...both in good company.
So glad you had such a great trip..enjoying all your boys, both as a mom and an aunt!
Blessings to the whole family...These Longhorns fans are proud!!! More so by his Christian walk!

Diana said...

A fun filled weekend for sure!!!!!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

What a FUN FUN FUN Weekend! I have never been to New Orleans and have never had the desire to go...I totally agree...People need the Lord! Wow...lots of demonic strongholds there with all the voo-doo whatevers down there.
That is so exciting to see Colt...I can't imagine how proud you guys must be. Sounds like brothers are doing well too! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pics! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Michelle said...

We followed the game via internet on the way home from Tulsa! what a great win.

You sure got some great pics! Those mums are amazing!

We will be in Abilene for Christmas. Hopefully we will get out to the ranch.

Blessings Amy,