Friday, November 5, 2010

First of the Lasts...

Tonight is our youngest son's last high school football game. We are amazed at how quickly it has flown.
I did not care for our boys playing football when they first put on pads in seventh grade. I was so concerned about them getting hurt really bad. Praying for an injury free night tonight.
We come now to the end of their games with one bad concussion, a broken wrist, a chipped knee cap, broken rib, hairline tailbone fracture, a few stingers, lots of hurt fingers and cuts and bruises and strawberries. I am sure they could remember more injury's because they are their badges of courage to them. I am thankful for no permanent injury. Thank you Father God for your protection. all of you Mom's experiencing your last child's last football game tonight... BLESSINGS. Let's go out there and have fun and soak it up. Cry if you want to, but smile too and Praise the Lord for how much fun it has been and for our wonderful boys. My prayer is that they are Mighty warriors for God on and off the field.

I am still going through old pictures and having a ball.
Here is another teaser Christmas picture! So very sweet. Love these boys!
This picture is of my brother's and myself at my grandmother's house. Her name was Mamamia and we always had Christmas at her house when we were growing up. You can see our stumpy cedar tree we went out and cut. So cute.
The memories are sweet.

My grandfather (his name was DaddyHollis) would sleep with us on a floor pallet on Christmas Eve. He was so much fun. He would tickle us and laugh with us. It made us feel important and special that he would sleep with us and be silly.
Miss him.
Blessings on your weekend!! Amy


texwisgirl said...

Sweet memories! Good luck at the football game!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh can so tell you have a senior...been through this four didn't get easier!
Have a wonderful night...cherish every last minute of this year!


What a lovely family. You are blessed. I'm glad I visited here. God bless, Dr. Bobbi

Elizabeth Mullins said...

I love how you share all of your cherished memories! Hope you enjoyed the last high school game tonight!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Such great memories! I love the new header pic...the driver looks JUST like Colt?! I just love old pics...that will be on my list of things to do at my folks on Thanksgiving...drag out old pics and enjoy!
Can't believe your youngest played his last FB game...Praise God for no major injuries.

I have to laugh, every time I come over to your blog, I see that darn ticker for how many days until Christmas...EEEEKKKK! Wow...time is flying!
Have an awesome, blessing filled weekend dear friend!

Liz Crittenden said...

Mamamia & Daddy Hollis.... good folks... good memories.
I'm thankful for the special family God has given you & grateful that I get to be a part of it!
Keep treasuring these things in your heart -- and keep sharing them with us!
Sure do love you!