Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prayer's of Praise!

Good morning. I wrote yesterday about the heritage of faith in families and also about how much I love my Mom and Dad. I find it interesting this morning looking back to yesterday that it was on my heart. I got a call late in the afternoon yesterday that my Dad had fallen off of his tractor while it was moving and it ran over him. We are all praising the good Lord this morning that he lived through it. He is in the hospital with a broken sternum being the worst injury along with a gash on the top of his head and over his eye, a banged up arm and lots of bruises and scrapes. The big back tractor wheel ran over him after he had been thrown of it onto the ground. He fell onto the ground on his stomach. The doctor said he would not have lived if he had fallen on his back and it had run over the front of him. We are just so thankful and blessed to still have our Dad on this earth and alive. Thank you Father God for sparing his life and for leaving him here with us for how ever long you want him to stay. I would appreciate your prayers for his healing and for handling the pain. Since I am still going through old pictures here are a few more of Mom and Dad and also a cool picture of my Grandfather. My Dad gets his toughness from him I think. He was run over by a tractor two times that I can think of and lived through those ordeals too.
Tough, country men.

Hollis McCoy...We called him DaddyHollis or more affectionately, Hossie.

Blessings on your day. Let's not take even a minute of it for granted. Things can change so quickly. Live to glorify Him! Amy


Liz Crittenden said...

Enjoying seeing the old pics of you & your family. Many of them I have seen before, but not for a LONG time!
And yes, Daddy Hollis WAS tough! Glad your Dad is too.
I'm glad you treasure each day. Glad we have a hope & a future.
Glad we have grace & mercy.
Glad you are my friend :)
Hugs & Blessings!
Tell Daddy Burl I said for him to BEHAVE and NOT give the nurses a hard time!!!! HA!!

Tim Archer said...

Glad your dad's OK!

Grace and peace,
Tim Archer

Becky V said...

Thanks for the reminder of how precious our families are, and yes, how quickly your whole life can change. So glad your dad is okay -- sounds like he inherited the heart of a fighter!

texwisgirl said...

Oh my gosh! How tragic it could have been and I'm sure still is in too many ways! I hope he will heal quickly and well! God bless!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

So glad to hear he is okay! What a scary day!

Michelle said...

I am so sad to hear this! Thank heavens the injuries were not worse. We will pray for his full and speedy recovery.
Blessings to you,

Hilary said...

Hi Amy,

I'm Jerry Rushford's daughter, Hilary. I heard about Burl this morning & came here to get updates so please let us know how he's doing over the weekend! What a frightening accident. Will be cheering Colt on for a 4th start this weekend & praying peace for him if he can't be with family at this time.

C.Kelly said...

Amy: Keith Kelly here. My Dad (Charles) called me tonight about Burl. He had heard about the accident from his brother Hollis earlier today. He was very relieved to hear the good news. Please let him know his cousin in Muskogee is praying for his quick recovery. Keith