Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Part 2...Aggie Land

Christmas posts are coming!

Have you ever stopped at a Buc-ee's? What a place! Stop if you see one. Fun!
Wes and the Indian. Buc-ee's.
Thanksgiving grocery shopping at HEB. Love this store. We had a good time sampling the goodies.
Gorgeous cake that DaddyBob won at an auction. Yum.
Brazos and Abigail singing and playing. Such talented people! Wow!
Traditional little candy turkeys and the boys and I make at Thanksgiving. So cute.

Traditional cousin pyramid.

Pyramid fail. :)
Short to tall. They are such good sports.
Will loved wrestling and playing with his cousins. What a joy to be together.
My wonderful husband. I do not deserve such a special guy,
but thankful for the blessing of being his.
The crew watching the Aggie/Longhorn game.
Christmas picture taking time. It was FREEZING.
Notice how Ky is so cold that he pulled his arms in his shirt. Funny, funny picture. I love it.
The Elkins family
Colorado Walkers
Sidewalk down the middle of the A&M campus.
W and W
My fam
The original Aggies. Sure did miss Mama Jo. It's just not the same without her.
The picture below is the display of Aggie rings.
We have done a back to back picture of these two for years. This is how this year's turned out. They are so cute.
DaddyBob with his two Aggie grand kids. Hopefully in the next few years he will have four in College Station. Whoop!
Ky and William
Sweet girls.
Remember: This time of year it is easy to be stressed. But...we are too blessed to be stressed. Weed out the busy-ness things you can do without or cut out of your schedule
and find time to be still.
Blessings. Amy


texwisgirl said...

Such great traditions and family!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

This is just great....I am laughing as I am going through these pictures...what a treasure.
And yes the Aggies won this year!!! But do you know who won on December 1, 1979????
I do...the Aggies, played in College mournful Texas Ex husband-to-be had the whole day planned out...Horns were to win and then he would propose..well the Horns lost but he still proposed!!

You are truly awesome family and I love dropping in...I can so relate!!