Sunday, January 2, 2011

Glorious Sunday Morning...

What a beautiful morning it is! In the low twenty's and sunny.
The birds are singing and the air is crisp and cold.

I pray that this first Sunday of the New Year will be a day of renewal and worship as we meet to glorify and learn more about our good and awesome God.

This is a wonderful picture of my Dad and my Grandmother, Mamamia. Don't you just love the way they are dressed? I'm not sure where they were or what they were doing but I know it must have been a special day. Being off the farm and in town all dressed up did not happen all that often I don't think.

This picture makes me think of a super book that Debra gave me for Christmas. It is called, "The Power Of Praying For Your Adult Children." As parents we never loose the heart for loving and helping our children even when they are adults. I'm just into the first chapter, but it has already made such a great impression on me. If you have not checked out Stormie Omartians books...don't wait another day to pick the one up that suits the time in your life. Her books have really helped to get us through some rough patches and tough times. She points you to important scriptures and her heart for God is such a great example to any Christian person desiring to grow in the word and in actions for the Lord.

Blessings on your worship and day today! Amy


texwisgirl said...

I love the jodpurs your father is wearing! Tucked into his boots. :)

Becky Welch said...

Thank you for commenting on my post. I LOVE this post and LOVE Stormie's books. I don't have adult children but I do have the praying parent, praying wife and praying woman. I look forward to visiting your blog - are you from Texas? I saw a Texas A&M jersey - we are Texas fans (even though we are from Tennessee) being my husband is from Texas. Sorry for rambling - off to look at your blog!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of your Dad and Grandma. It is so classic. Mom used to talk about shopping downtown when she was a child. Your picture makes it more real. I think the picture was taken in Abilene at the intersection of 3rd and Pine with the camera facing north. I believe that is the post office (Federal Building) in the background. I think it looks a little bit different now because they have added on. Thanks for sharing the fun picture and the great thoughts. Wayne R.