Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Real Heaven...

This wonderful little book is written by Steve Hemphill.
What do you see in your mind’s eye when you hear the word “heaven”? Do you see transparent people floating on clouds and playing harps? Or do you imagine a perpetual praise and worship service, singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” for all eternity? This often-promoted Christian view of eternity doesn’t even appeal to the saved—much less to the unsaved. But is this the true, biblical picture? Not even close.

Possible scenario when entering heaven:
(Angel)“You are about to take your first breath of heaven’s air. You will likely cough and gag as you did when you took your first earthly breath, but not for the same reason. The atmosphere of the shadow land (earth) is rank with the smell of sulfur, caused by sin, and the shame of mankind’s fall. It is so full of ugliness caused by the curse of sin that we are amazed you can breathe at all. When you cough and gag on your first heavenly breath, it is to remove the last of the stench caused by the environment of fallen earth. After that, you will scarcely be able to believe how pure and wonderful the air of heaven smells. Fill your lungs with it. Enjoy it to the fullest. You never have to breathe the stench again.

“I’m taking you to the real world. The world you were made for. And you will be with the One who made it all just for you. He loves you more than you can possibly know. All angels have trouble understanding the King’s plan to save mankind, but we know that you—not we—were created to be his image-bearers. We are his servants, sent to serve those who will be saved. I am honored to have been with you.

“When I deliver you safely, I must be on my way to my next assignment. We will meet again.

“Your first pleasure in the new world will be a welcome party. Many old acquaintances will be renewed, and many you have never met are eager to greet you. I will see you again soon.”

With that, the escorting angel left in a flash of light. Then the party begins.

I am LOVING this book. I mean really, how often do we dwell or think about or ponder heaven? I wish that I were so excited about it that I anticipate it like an incredible vacation that I am planning. I pray that I can get so excited about it that I can't help but spread the good news of Jesus and tell people about this incredible place we are going to. Yes, I am pondering heaven, and I am liking the thought of it. You can buy his book under his store tab on this website: http://www.prayerthoughts.com/

Now...on to my wildlife WILD pictures from yesterday. Oh my goodness.

I was inside the house and heard a swooshing noise. LOUD! I looked out and it was spooky. Black birds everywhere. It looked like a scene out of "The Birds". I grabbed my camera and clicked some shots. I could not even get all the birds into the frame. It was very strange. I have never seen anything like it. Amazing. They were there for about five minutes and then flew the coop. Adios. Flew away to terrify some other Alfred Hitchcock movie lover. :)

This Red bird seems to be making a funny face and saying, " I am going to eat it all if you don't get over here!"

Some happy little tulips (I think) that I picked up at Wally world a few days ago.
They are lovely.

Well, off to get something done. A walk...I think, folding lots of clothes, figuring out supper...etc.
My husband's quote for the day:
Get busy livin or get busy dyin- Shawshank
Another better quote for today:
Ps. 35: 10-
Then my soul will rejoice in the Lord and delight in His salvation.
My whole being will exclaim,
"Who is like You, O Lord?"

Blessings!! Amy


Warren Baldwin said...

Sounds like a great book.

The bird pictures were neat. I was in Henderson, TN last week for the F-HU lectures. My dad lives in Finger, just south of the school. I left on Friday morning and after a while dad called me and said "millions" of blackbirds landed in his back yard. Said it was amazing.


texwisgirl said...

Those blackbirds must be migrating north. Mine are still here though - still eating me out of house and home! :)

Denise McNeill said...

Enjoyed the book recommendation and the lovely wildlife pictures! :) Funny thing...I'm reading a book "Heaven is for Real". I will definitely add your book to my reading list. Enjoy your day and His blessings. Love you! :)

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Thanks for the review on the book...the book I just finished talked a lot about having a eternal view on life and not just what is going on right now...it helped me to focus more on eternity and the joy of being with Him.

Wildlife..oh the birds...we have had that at times and it is so funny to look up and the yard is totally black...the other pictures are great...enjoy your warm weekend...we sure will be

Laura said...

I enjoyed visiting so much this morning while having my coffee.

Thank you for coming by my blog.
It means the world to me.

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