Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentines, Rye Grass and Basketball...

Good morning!!

Awesome verse from the Daily Bible today:

Psalm 27: 1

The Lord is my light and my salvation-
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life-
of whom shall I be afraid?

Brrr....still very cold this morning. Sunny but cold.

This Valentines blip is goofy and I am banking on the fact that our boys don't normally read my blog.
I have always loved to give our little family fun small Valentines gifts. Yes, they are silly but hey, it is the girl in me coming out. They don't get sentimental at all about these yearly Valentines gifts but I like to think that deep down they love it.

My Mom always gave us a little box of those assorted chocolates on Valentines morning with breakfast. It was such a fun treat and made us feel special.
I was in Wally world yesterday (mainly because the electricity went out at home and I was turning into a frozen person) and I could not believe the amount of Valentines stuff for sale. So, since I was in a warm place I took my time picking out little items for those that I love. Nice that none of them were very pricey. That way we can spread around the Valentines love. :)

Gathering of Valentines love...

Turtles for my sweet Dad.
This is funny to me. Wes has talked for so long about getting a garden gnome. Yes, our child is very interesting. So...I saw this little guy and he really wanted to come home with me and meet Wes. I think he will like it. Speaking of Wes, I had the thought this morning as I was making his fried eggs and English muffins that I am so very much going to miss this child when he goes to college next year. I have tried not to dwell on it but I sure will miss visiting over coffee and breakfast every morning. Oh how we have enjoyed these boys. This morning as his music blasted I heard Michael Buble, Switchfoot, piano music, Amy Grant, Abba...and on and on. Fun mix of music. Fun boy. Sigh...
Junior mints for The Thrill- Will and sugar free candy for Mom.
Sock monkey for The Thrill and he loves those little candy hearts. X's and O's for Sid of course.

Sid planted rye grass about a month ago. He was like a little kid checking to see everyday if it was coming up yet. It is starting to look great. Such a beautiful color of green and so very cheerful in the dead of winter. Way to go honey!

We are down to four more basketball games. Whew...seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We are all ready for this particular season to be over. So proud of Wes for hanging in there and being positive during a tough time. In sports I believe there are lots more hard lessons to learn than lessons you learn when you are winning or it is easy. Strange but true.

Sid and I have had to learn to be calm and be quiet and be still. BOY is that hard during tough basketball games. It's where the rubber meets the road...when you are in the middle of something emotional that you show who you really are. Am I glorifying God or spreading around selfish, ugliness? It's just a game. It's just a game. I have to remind myself that if my child is trying to be a light on this team no matter what then I have to try to be that in the stands.
Hard stuff.
Well...continue to stay warm and I pray we can all glorify our great and good God today in all we do! Blessings. Amy


texwisgirl said...

Those little gifts are so cute. :) Love the sock monkey and the gnome. Stay warm! Obviously your power's back on or you wouldn't be able to post! I said my thanks this morning for our electricity, heater, water, fireplace, etc. etc. :)

Elizabeth Mullins said...

I learn so much from you! I so appreciate your posts and my heart aches for when your boy is gone next year too because that means mine are growing up too!

Warren Baldwin said...

Basketball ... yes, we have a senior daughter and we are half-way through our season. It is the toughest year of my daughter's career. But we are looking for the ray of sunshine it. And I'm not really ready for the season to end, either. I'm trying to slow this last year down! (I have some pics of Kristin up - one or two posts down.