Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coffee House...

I have a bit of a love affair with my favorite coffee house.
I guess with coffee in general.
I love the smell of strong coffee that hits my nose as I walk through the door. I love the buzz of the people studying and talking and smiling. Most are taking time to stop and drink in warmth and the moment. Coffee houses are always welcoming with warm colors on the walls and comfy couches and chairs. Mellow music and great lighting.

Smelling coffee is just comforting. I don't know but it seems like just smelling it would be helpful in lowering your blood pressure.

Drinking coffee brings to mind
sweet fellowship and smiles and warmth.
Have you ever rolled out of bed early when you could sleep late because you start to think about how good that first cup will be? Guilty. I love drinking cup one while devouring spiritual food in the early morning as the world is waking up. Thank you sweet husband for your example.
Just had the thought that it would be cool if our churches were like coffee houses. Some are and I like that. They are warm and welcoming and you can smell the aroma of Jesus and His love.

Thank you Father for friendly, loving coffee house churches.

Here are some pictures of my favorite coffee house.
This post is pretty trivial.
I guess that is ok now and then.
Just wanted to talk about coffee.

Maybe some day I can run my own coffee house.
Nice dream.
Blessings. Amy

Bean Warmth
A poem by Drew K.

A mystery wrapped in brown,
A fragile enigma,
Enveloping the senses,
With the earthy steam
Of a bean.

The mind wrapped in warmth,
The essence of dark roast,
Heating from within,
The senses thrill,
With every lingering
Sniff of the aroma
In the mug


texwisgirl said...

I drink plain coffee with a bit of milk in it. I don't like flavored coffees to drink - but to SMELL? That's another story! I have found myself loitering outside coffee places in the mall just for that wonderful aroma...

Smelling Coffee said...

Hi Amy~ I LOVE this post about coffee. Every part of it! Makes me want a cup right now! ;-)

The way you beautifully described coffee is the same way I want to encourage others to feel about Jesus.

Thanks for leaving your kind comment on my blog. I'm enjoying visiting yours!

Blessings to you~

Karen said...

Not trivial at all. I like the idea of our churches being like coffee houses. When the old TV show Cheers was on I used to think that churches should be a little like the theme song suggested "Where everyone knows your name." Take care.

Denise McNeill said...

I wish I could share a cup of coffee with you friend! Good memories! You are dear! Love you! :)