Great Christian Fiction...Glass Girl

I want to tell you about a wonderful book that I just read. It is called "Glass Girl" by Laura Anderson Kurk. I was blessed to meet Laura at church one Sunday morning not long ago in College Station. She is beautiful inside and out. In Laura I could see a heart after God and a heart that is passionate about telling the redemptive story of Jesus Christ. It is a beautiful, well written love story. You can find this book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Check out her website below.

By the way...Will is going to represent Henry (the young man in Glass Girl) on the cover of the sequel coming out soon. I will say it again...God is so good. I am in AWE of how He works in our lives. It is incredible how He weaves people in out out of our lives to bless us. I love how He gives us opportunities to serve and glorify Him if we have the eyes to see and do. I praise Him with all my being.

Amazon Review:

Glass Girl is a joy to read. The main character, Meg, faces some of the toughest things life can dish out, and she does it with grace and good sense and humor...and some understandable outbursts. Girls will identify with the lessons Meg must learn: about her own strength, about forgiveness, about taking chances and trusting.

And--along with Meg--they will fall for Henry, the strong, handsome, mature, good-natured senior who truly appreciates the woman Meg is becoming. Henry supports Meg in the hard times, while introducing her to the splendor and romance of Wyoming. High school students will love Meg and Henry; parents and teachers will love that Meg and Henry can be normal, human teenagers and still make good decisions. I would recommend this book for all teens, especially girls, and their parents! --Rosanne Catalano, About Noting, April 8, 2010, Sarasota, FL

Product Description:

In this powerful debut, Laura Anderson Kurk offers a rare glimpse into the soul of the often forgotten grieving sibling. Glass Girl is a lovely book that treats with compassion one of life's most trying times, lending honesty to the discussion about the impact of violence on families. At turns funny, tragic, and hopeful, Glass Girl captures the reality that is Meg's life--the slow, messy heartbreak of grief balanced with the rush and energy of first love.

Readers will recognize the gentle, believable journey that takes Meg from Pennsylvania to Wyoming, from loneliness to love, and from sorrow to hope. The story of Meg and Henry will touch teens who are trying to do the right thing but still feel lost at times. Those who are learning that life is often a slow-moving dance that is exquisite and excruciating at once, but is, above all, beautiful.


Becky Welch said…
I will have to read this! I love Christian Fiction!! Can't wait to see Will on the cover of the next one!!! I will be finding this one asap!
Becky V said…
This book sounds good, Amy -- I am wondering if our library has it? I am thinking Laney might like it as well. Always looking for something good and positive to read. That's pretty cool about Will on the cover, too!

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