Our oldest son is back from his spring break trip to Haiti. They had a great time and I think he fell in love with the children and the work going on there. They built a cinder block home for a widow lady and painted an orphanage. He is praying that his life work can be on the foreign mission field somewhere. I tell him sometimes that this lovely country is a mission field too and becoming more and more so as the days go by. It is just a different kind of mission field. Harder I think due to our comfortable...materialistic life style.
I am thankful for his heart for people and desire to spread the love of Jesus.

Scripture for today:

Psalms 64: 10-

Let the righteous rejoice in the Lord, and take refuge in Him;

let all the upright in heart praise Him!

We are resting up after a wonderful, keeping the road hot spring break. I have so many fun pictures and stories to post. I will get going on it soon. Working my way through a long list of to do's!

Have a blessed day! Amy


Praise the Lord he is home and safe. Have thought of him often...and you too.
Those pictures brought tears to my eyes as I see the Joy he brought those children. Pure Joy.
texwisgirl said…
What a great son you have - those kids definitely loved having him there!
This is just great...I am going to share it with my son, who loved working with Blood and Fire in San Antonio. Blessings to you all, what an awesome spring break.
Becky Welch said…
What a blessing!!! I know you are so proud and I know the Lord will bless him in whatever he choose to do!
Warren Baldwin said…
Glad he's back safe. What a great trip! Cheryl and I want to make a trip like this.

And you are right - there is so much mission work to do here. Materialism does get in the way. Wonder if the economy will change some of that?

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