Pet Peeve...Cell Phone Irritation

World English Dictionary
peeve (piːv)
— vb
1. ( tr ) to irritate; vex; annoy
— n
2. something that irritates; vexation: it was a pet peeve of his
— adj
Cell Phone Phenomenon

The picture above is just a random picture off of the Internet but believe me I could take this kind of picture anywhere at anytime of people in my family or total strangers.

I had a phone upgrade this week.

I have to tell you that I LOVE MY NEW PHONE!!! How tempting it is to just sit transfixed in front of this little electronic wonder. I have never had a smart phone.

I think it is smarter than I am.

Here is the deal though. As I was having supper with my youngest child last night at Cheddar's I noticed how many people were on their phones and not talking to the people they were with. As I was pondering this, I noticed that my child was busy texting some cute girl as we were dining. No wonder I really could not get him into an interesting conversation. I guess when one person starts this insane new rudeness, then it domino's into the person they are eating with getting their phone out for company because they are lonely.

(Warning...these are very random, nonsensical words being written.)

We then had a very small, if you will...come to Jesus meeting right then and there. This was the gist of it: (I talk to myself here too...I have been rude also.)

Cell phones take us out of the moment. They isolate us from the people we are with. We miss out on good conversations when we have our minds focused on texting or face booking someone else. What is this insane need to know what everyone else is doing ALL of the time? Be with the people you are with!!! Make a rule for yourself that any text can wait or face book can WAIT while you enjoy a meal or conversation. News flash...we used to do it all the time!! What? My son can't imagine what it was like to talk just to the people you are with and not have another conversation going on his phone at the same time. Good grief. But, as we talked about it...he understood and came to the conclusion that life would be much more calm and peaceful and people would be more interesting if they were there in the moment in their minds and not thinking about some other conversation.

Don't you love the times that you are traveling and out of cell phone reception? Whew...we all breathe a sigh of a way. Sometimes I leave my phone home on purpose because...well, just because I WANT TO.

Anyway, just some thoughts. Nothing to write home about but I am still pondering this. I am going to try to never again be rude by giving my cell phone more attention than the people I am with.

Hang on...I am getting a text...just kidding.



Oh so with you on this...we are having to deal with this with our four 20 plus year olds when they come to the house, they miss the time with us and their younger siblings. We have started saying that when they visit our home is a no cell phone really gets to me
We are trying to learn how to deal with the new world that won't go back and not lose all blessings of the old world of communication.
So, so with to get mine to talk to me on the phone at least one a week to hear their voices instead of text...UGH!
texwisgirl said…
I'm not cell phone addicted (at all!) But I am laptop/blog addicted. That takes me out of my moments often.
Beth P said…
I think they need to start putting up "no cell phones" signs in addition to the "no smoking" is equally annoying and possibly just as fatal (well maybe not, but could be...).
Miss seeing you, how is your dad doing?
Becky V said…
Oh, my goodness, Amy. I had to read some of what you wrote to MY youngest just to let her know her mother isn't the only one who is out of touch and living in the stone age. We had this same conversation not two weeks ago. And truthfully, it happens with adults as well...I'm quite sure I have done the same thing to others myself. When did every conversation or phone call become so very urgent? I think we have definitely become conditioned not only to feel compelled to answer every call or text immediately, but also to expect those on the other end to be waiting at the ready to answer our messages at a moment's notice as well. I do think I used to be able to relax more back when I wasn't so in touch with everyone.

Not that I don't appreciate the benefits of being able to get a pretty quick response, especially with a child overseas right now. There are 'everyday blessings' associated with the technological advances we have. But I think, as with so many things, we need to be a bit more mindful at times of what the real message is that we may be sending. Thanks for reminding us!
Michelle said…
I believe I will cut and paste a bit of this and send it to a few loved ones I know, seriously! Great post and so true.

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