VW's and Senior Pictures...

Wes and I had a fun day yesterday taking pictures. Very few serious and alot goofy because he would not take this adventure serious. All in all we had a lot of fun. It was a beautiful day.

We got very distracted at one point because we spied a cool VW festival in the park. We walked around and enjoyed looking at the cars and vans. Wes has always wanted a VW van. I think he is really just an old hippy. So many bright colored bugs and vans. Very fun.
Wes especially liked this one. Joyota or I think they are called "Things".

The rest of the pictures were some of the shots we took for his senior picture to go into his graduation announcement. He is a sweetheart.

This is not a good picture of Wes because you can hardly

see him but I just love this wall.

WAY cool.
Blessings. Have a lovely Sunday! Amy


How fun!
I love the one on the park bench...very nice. Hard to believe he is graduating!

Loved all the VW's too!
texwisgirl said…
Cute and fun! :) Love the lanky look at the park bench.
Becky Welch said…
Loved the pics!! You did a wonderful job!! I hope you are able to enjoy and savor all that will happen has Wes ends this chapter in his life.
Diana Ferguson said…
Fun times and pics!!

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