Good Morning...

Good morning.

This lovely tree lined street is one that I am blessed to be able to walk up and down most days.

I love it because it is kind of at the top of a hill

and I can feel the breeze a little on this street.

It is a quiet, beautiful morning.

Our days have been pretty crazy and it makes these quiet early mornings even more special.

I am pondering this statement this morning that I heard in Bible class last night.

Spiritual growth specializes in violating comfort zones.

When we get comfortable spiritually, are we in danger?

I think that satan loves for us to be comfortable.

I pray that today we will be uncomfortable.

I pray that we will seek Him with a thirsty heart.

Blessings. Amy


texwisgirl said…
interesting statement. violating comfort zones...

(i like your tree-lined comfort zone, btw...)
I have had a lot of thoughts on getting out of my comfort zone recently too. I often challenge my clients to get out of their comfort zones but I often forget to challenge myself spiritually. Love the trees too. Reminds me of where Joshua grew up!
Wow...that is a great statement. As Christians, I don't believe we should be "comfortable", we should always be striving to grow. That's great! Thanks for sharing.

Have a wonderful and blessed Resurrection Sunday!!!

Love the new blog look!
Teresa said…
What a beautiful street for a stroll. The perfect place to let your mind ponder comfort zones! Have a wonderful Easter, Amy!

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