Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wed. Coffee Break...

Join me for a cup of joe. Pull up a chair and lets' have a visit.
Let's skip the pastry or donut though.

How many of those have we had in our lifetime anyway?

I have had enough to pad my hips and well...

enough is enough. Goodbye sugar.

Where was I?

Verse that I loved today:

Proverb 13:3

He who guards his lips guards his life,

but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.

Boy have a had to learn how right this verse is way too many times in my life. With my husband and children and well...everyone. True words to live by.

Speaking of sharing coffee. I remember as a child my Mom walking across the street to her good friend Dorothy's house and having coffee every few days. They loved getting together and I loved how much fun they had talking and laughing and probably crying sometimes about life and their husbands and kids. What a blessing it was to Mom to have a friend so close and to enjoy that friendship over hot, percolated coffee. I am thankful too for the friends that I am blessed on occasion to be able to sit down at a table and share a cup of coffee with. We just don't do it often enough.

Randomness...I have been doing some searching for ways to feel better lately and have found an incredible naturalpathic (holistic) doctor here where we live. She is blessing me and helping me to feel better. I will write in detail about all of that soon.

I also have been incorporating an Advocare product called Spark.


I am loving feeling better and having more energy. Great addition to my coffee habit! ha. But I am beginning to see that I just might not need coffee at all when taking this peppy little drink. All in all it has been a lovely, productive, gorgeous spring Wed.

I pray that your day has been wonderful too. There are so many things in the world that we could be sad or depressed about. Let's choose to be positive. To be the half glass full kind of people instead of the half glass empty kind of people. After all, we have the message of hope and salvation for the world...Jesus.

Thanks for coming over for coffee and for yakking about random things. Come again!

Blessings. Amy

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texwisgirl said...

Amen to thinking positive and being happy. :) Glad you're getting some energy! I could use a little pep for my sinuses these days! :)