This link takes you to an unbelievable web cam that shows views in Yosemite National Park.

If you need to be inspired by God's nature and beauty, just click.


We were blessed to attend the Yosemite Family Encampment for about 5 or 6 summers when I was younger. It was a great time. No place more beautiful in my opinion (if you love mountains) than Yosemite.

The entrance to the valley. You come through a tunnel and all of a sudden...BAM...you have this view. Awesome. Thank you God!

We always stayed in Housekeeping Units like this one below. Easy for bears to enter into. I experienced this up close and personal one dark night. Yikes.

It. Was. So. Fun!!

Blessings! Have a great day and if you ever get a chance, choose a National Park visit for your vacation. Yosemite should be on the top of the list. Lovely.


texwisgirl said…
You're the 2nd blogger to post about Yosemite today (of the blogs I follow, anyway...) :)
Amy said…
That is so weird!
Warren Baldwin said…
More good pictures. We lived for 9 1/2 years only 1 hour from Yellowstone National Park when I preached in Cody. It was an unbelievably beautiful place.

Will your son be going to Hardig? (I see it on your sidebar). We have a daughter there now and another one going this fall.

Cindy Fisher said…
We had the best time as a family there....I wish our boys could have experienced it.

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