Monday, May 16, 2011

Week's Worth of Pictures...

Wes graduates in about three weeks. Will is home from college (with ALL his stuff) Sid is feverishly working on his dissertation. Things are well, in a word...nutty. Time is rushing by so quickly and I am trying to dig my heels in a little and slow it down. It is not working. I really have not written anything worth anyone reading on this blog for a while. I hate to tell you it may still be a while yet. Thank you for stopping by...things will get back to normal. Maybe. Oh yeah...we are going to have to find a new normal. I am sure I will write about that.

When things slow down...

Wes lead singing Sunday morning. He was nervous but did a fine job.

The junior parents and youth group gave the Seniors a wonderful banquet last night. It was perfect! So beautifully decorated and the food was yummy. They gave the Seniors a bible and a blessings. Wonderful evening.

Just a beautiful backyard close to our church. Picture perfect.

We took a few pictures in our backyard yesterday and I thought you might like to see our Hydrangea bush. So lovely right now.

Ok, I am nearing fifty. Yes, I will say it out loud. It is coming fast. I am amazed that I can put makeup on and feel like I look at least passable in the mirror and then see myself in a picture and think...girl you are way over the hill. Plastic surgery might have to be an option. Ha. Just kidding, kind of. Getting older is not for the faint of heart or those who care how they look. Very thankful I have a man that loves me no matter what. He is a great blessing.

Anyway...sorry for that rant. Anyone know of any good take away wrinkle products???? Of course loosing about twenty pounds would probably do the best trick. :(

Will and I took a flying under twenty four hour trip to Brownwood and back a few days ago. It was fun and fast. We worked on some music for singing at Red River this summer and enjoyed seeing the beauty of the hill country and family. These sweet kitty's are the newest members of the ranch family right now.

This was lovely to behold.

The kitty's need two pictures. They are that cute.

Of course we had to eat at Underwood's BBQ.

Massive amounts of food were put away on this day. Thank you for lunch Dad!

We also lost a big tree last week during one of the storms that rolled through.

Loved the rain but hated to loose this big beauty of a tree.

So, we continue on day five of Will's large mound of laundry. Heaven help us.

Blessings on your day and on your week. Hope to talk to you again soon. Don't hold your breath though, at least for a few days. This last picture is of the moon through the pines as we were coming into the house last night. Breathtaking and peaceful. I pray our week will be the same.

Love, Amy

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Becky V said...

I just have to say, in response to your thoughts on nearing fifty, both that you are lovely, and that you are not alone in those feelings! Just know that there are plenty of us out here looking in the mirror, or at photos, and feeling the same way. (Maybe we could get a two-fer on that plastic surgery! Just kidding. Sort of. ;)