Mountain Wedding...

Little brother Michael preaching Britni and Jared's wedding.

I love it when God brings two lovely people together to enjoy life and to bless the people around them. God is so good. I have never seen a more beautiful wedding ceremony. Only God's decoration. Could not have been more beautiful.

We are still enjoying the lovely mountains in Northern New Mexico. Cool and breezy. Praying for rain for Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. When is the Texas heat wave going to end? It seems we are having such weather extremes. Goodness.

Blessings on this beautiful Sunday! Talk to you soon! Amy


texwisgirl said…
what a great place to get married! wonderful!
Warren Baldwin said…
Hi Amy,
Neat pictures! What a place for a wedding. Good choice.

I'm writing from Red River Camp. What a place! My first time here. I'm privileged to be presenting 3 lessons on Proverbs (the theme is based on an Elvis Presley song).

I met your brother Brad. We had a nice visit.

And is Michael one of the singers? I didn't meet him but he looks like one of the singers. I've heard about the McCoy Family singers but have never heard them until this weekend. Very good! I met your dad, too.

This is a wonderful camp.
Becky K. said…
That was simply delightful.
May God richly bless these young people as they form a home and family.

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