Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Session: Camp Blue Haven Fun...

I meditate on all Your works and consider what Your hands have done.

I spread out my hands to You; my soul thirsts for You like a parched land
Ps. 143:5&6

We are settling in after a long adventure in New Mexico. Camp Blue Haven and the time we have spent there have been a great blessing in our children's lives and for us as adults. It is hard to describe the experience that you have up there. The mountains are beautiful and the people are good hearted. God's presence is strong and it is a time of spiritual renewal.

Sunday morning worship in the barn.
Sid with his brother Bill and kids.

It is always great to see them on Sunday morning of first session. Silly songs on the first night. Love it. Only at camp can you be this silly and no one thinks you are weird. I think we should all be just as silly whenever we want too
Sann man singing the conductor song. He just might be the best one yet!
This is John Mark's cabin of young men. They got up early every morning to study their bibles and then help set up for breakfast. They were a huge help in getting ready for breakfast, but most of all it was so encouraging for us to see them up and talking to God when they could be sleeping later. I am thankful.
Our niece McClain being brave swinging on the big swing.
These three were up to no good I think. :)
The leap of faith. Brave people up there.

First session teachers and pot washers. Love these people.
Amazing how having smoke in the air makes for great sunset pictures

The gorgeous view on a lonely trail above camp
Wes, leading a prayer before lunch
Laughter on the front porch. Many fun meals shared at this table.

Our humble little abode. Spiders and all. We loved it.
Talent show night. Goofy, good fun.
Wes and Logan. Two peas in a pod.
Sid and I in our favorite spot. This is where Britni and Jared were married second session. Gorgeous view.
The picture below is of Hermit's Peak. This is a mountain that second session camper's hike .

Hermit's Peak is a mountain in San Miguel County, in northern New Mexico, United States.
The peak is named for the Italian religious recluse John Augustiani, who lived there in a cave he had dug into the earth around the time of the U.S. Civil War. His cave became the subject of pilgrimage by some devout New Mexicans, during his life and for a number of years after his death.
The Peak is in the Santa Fe National Forest, and the trail to the peak is maintained by the Pecos/Las Vegas Ranger District. The trail to the top is approximately four miles from the El Porvenir Campground.

From El Porvenir, Hermit Peak's rocky features seem to form a man's face looking to the sky. Left to right, one sees a forehead, eye, nose, two lips, and a chin. The rugged trail to the top of the "nose" winds through the "eye." The view from the tip of the "nose" is said to include five states. There is a rock overhang known as "Hermit's Cave" on the "nose."

I love to watch my family having fun.
Can you believe the amount of cinnamon rolls being made on this table? Jennifer's secret recipe. The best! Way to go Natalee!
Love our boy. Miss him.
Logan and Greg. Working hard. Laughing a lot and blessing people.
Wayland, Sid, Kevin and Michael.
On Thurs. nights of one week sessions we have Early Christian Worship. We go into the barn with only candlelight and pretend we are part of the early Christian worship when they had to hide to worship God. The singing is inspiring and moving and it is an awesome time to think about how blessed we are to be able to worship freely and openly.
Early Christian Worship
Night time baptism.

Trading post crowd
Sweet little Ezra
Wow. Not sure what to say about this picture except that these guys are the greatest guys I know. Silly, loveable and wonderful.
Benjamin and Michael. He is so like his Daddy. Love you Benjamin Bunny.
Wayland, you crack me up.

Well, I know alot of these were random but again it is hard to pick out of so many. We are settling back in and getting Wes ready for his big college debut! Lot's of details to work out. Fun times ahead. Session two tomorrow and then I can't wait to tell you about the Red River Encampment and Colt's new book.Blessings on your fourth of July weekend! Love, Amy

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GottaHaveJC said...

Awesome pictures. What a wonderful place to be! Reminds me of Red River. Would love to go there again! Thanks for sharing, Amy! Love ya!