Thursday, July 21, 2011


Mr. BIG Bear that has been coming into camp at Camp Blue Haven and feasting on whatever is in the trash cans. Excuse me?? Am I dreaming? Yikkes!!!

Word is as of yesterday that the game warden has given permission to shoot with real bullets. Mr. BIG Bear has taken a bullet and has not been seen for over 24 hours. Yea! Now, for the other 2 mama's and a few babies...

I am sure it is really hard to know what to do about these kind of scary animals that wander into people areas. After all...the people are living in their natural territory I guess. All I know is that extra prayers are being said for rain and for safety for campers and staff and well...I guess bears.

Will says it is really not so worrisome. They are no longer sleeping out. (good) and when they get up at night to (aheemm) head for the potty they don't go alone. Heavens no! I bet the girls don't get out of their cabins AT ALL for the bathroom walk at night. No sir. Wes used to call the walk from his cabin to the bathroom the walk of death when they had to go during the night.

I guess it all makes camp a little more exciting!

Just some random thoughts. You are welcome.

Blessings on your day.


Celeste Smith said...

YIKES! I went to the cabins at night several times when we were there!!!!

Warren Baldwin said...

This is a big bear!! I'm careful walking about at night in the Wyoming and Mont. camps b/c of the big bruins.