Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Hear the Pitter Patter of Rain...

Rain! Praise the Lord! One good storm last night early and then about four this morning is started again and rained until about ten in the morning. Nice. It was so wonderful to lay there and listen to the thunder and hear the rain hit the roof. What an incredible blessing. The temperature during my walk has typically been around 100 for the past month and that is at about eight every morning. This morning it was 73 degrees. So refreshing and hopeful. Hopefully this hot, hot weather will actually end SOON. I can't believe that we have gotten used to 106 degree temps.

This little gorgeous bush with purple berries was screaming at me on my walk. Look at me!! I have some water on me. I just had to take her picture.
Sid had his doctoral proposal meeting yesterday morning. He was very nervous but excited about it. He is so thankful for the wonderful people (Susan!) that have helped him navigate and get through this doctorate mine field. I think we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and are shooting for the end of Oct. Praise the Lord again!

We are missing the boys but are sure enjoying time with each other. I love to laugh with my husband. The time to just be together and enjoy each other is precious. He had me laughing last night about why there are always reasons to eat bluebell ice cream at night.

The list was long and entertaining. (I am easily amused.)

We are going to the opening football blast off/meet the team party tonight at the University where he works. (I enjoy the band...they will be there too.) Football is upon us! I am a little miffed because Colts game tonight starts at the same time as the party. Boo. I am sure we will be sneaking MANY peeks at our phone's for updates.

Go Browns!

By the way I have been meaning to mention our (sort of) obsession about Advocare. We started taking the products to feel better and improve our health and we have fallen in love with them. Right now I am doing the 24 day Weight loss/Detox program. Good stuff. Check out my link if you want to improve your health!

Well, so much for random thoughts.

Hope your day is going good and that you were blessed with rain too!

Blessings, Amy


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh please send the rain was 106 today again and we are ready for fall...I can't imagine watching a football game in this weather.

Enjoy your empty hubby said Colt played a good game last week...and yea! for detoxing and good you can enjoy that empty nest to the fullest.

Warren Baldwin said...

Glad you guys have received rain. We've prayed for that for our whole area (from Kansas to Texas to N. M.)