Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I guess it's ok, or maybe not to have these little guys in your HOUSE? Is it a deep south thing? It was not ok when it ran over my foot a little while ago. You see, I am from west Texas where scorpions (my Mom won't even call them scorpions because she has a terrible, unhealthy fear of them...she calls them mean bugs...she does not even like their name) are the things that crawl around on the floor and fall off of you from the ceiling. They sting like well...something really bad. Still thinking... Anyway, so glad we do not have mean bugs here where we live but we DO have these little lizards. They are ahem...IN the house. That just does not seem right!! I thought that lizards belonged outside! I only see maybe one a week but one inside is one too many. I threw the last one out the front door. I think I saw him glance back and smile a wicked smile saying..."I will be back in a minute."

Yes, that is the corner of my bathroom. And yes, the baseboards and floor are dirty. You know, it is the corner that sits under the trash can that gets ignored a lot of the time. I could pretend that this dirtyness is unusual but that would not be the truth. :) I will work on it!

So, does anyone feel like fall is just not coming this year? I know that this is still the last day of August, but really...these hot temperatures are getting just down right on my nerves. Just the fact that it will be Sept. tomorrow brings me some hope. At least a little. Please Fall...come quickly! Maybe these little geckos will leave when you decide to make an appearance.

Dreaming of crisp cool breezes, jeans and sweatshirts, drinking hot cocoa and coffee by a toasty fire, needing to turn on my seat warmer in my car, hearing the crunch of yellow leaves under my feet (not just dead ones from the heat and no water), sitting shivering at a football game, PUMPKINS!, snuggling under a big comforter, a big pot of warm stew to enjoy with friends, etc.

I just can't wait. As I wrote all those thoughts above I thought, wow, I should just live in today and not long for tomorrow. I should embrace the things that crawl around in my house. I should love these 100 plus summer days. I will try harder. Come here little gecko. Let's be friends. Not.


Nana's Nuggets said...

HI! Amy~ NO! NO! NO! I am mortified of these things!! Kinda like your mom w/fear of the mean bugs!! I have already had two of these in my house this summer!! and yes I do have the mean bugs too!! But those lizzards will drive me away fast! LOL!!! And you speaking of all of the fall things sounds so wonderful! I'm getting ready for it!! Have a great evening! I just cannot believe that U picked it up!! NO~Way! I call somebody!! LOL!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Well I know in some places they are common in the houses. And they are actually considered good luck! So you could look at it that way :)

I'm tired of the heat too, and we've had bad fires in the OKC area. Many people I know have had to evacuate their neighborhoods, so we are fervently praying for relief from the heat, drought, fire!

Becky V said...

This made me laugh, Amy! I recently posted on Facebook about these little guys. We have seen six or eight in the house in the last month. Kelsey will pick them up for me...I am too much of a weenie. Not scared exactly, they are just too wiggly. And fast! I found one in my bookbag recently. As you said, yikes! I just keep telling myself they will eat the big carpenter ants we are also seeing in the house this summer.

I am so with you on this weather. I usually am more of a summer girl...the winter gets me down. But not this year! Enough is enough.

Laura Kurk said...

When Amelia was a crawling baby, she chased one down in our kitchen and popped it into her mouth. I saw the tail wiggling between her lips and I grabbed it to pull it out. The tail came off and Amelia swallowed!!!!! Thank goodness she didn't choke on that stupid gecko! I called the doctor who said, "Oh, well, extra protein." lol

Susie Zienko said...

We used to have these in the Austin Building all the time, until they replaced all the windows. I once had a chameleon in my house, and carefully scooped him up and laid him on the front porch. Immediately I heard swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, and an owl swooped down and grabbed him for supper! Felt bad that I tried to save him and tossed him to his demise. Looking at it another way, I gave the owl a quick drive/fly through meal.