Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's About Abortion, but More About God...

Gianna Jessen...I heard her speak last night. I still do not have the words to express how I felt after I listened to her words. I still even this morning am crying over what I heard.

It is not just because of the crime and horror of abortion but more even about how she spoke about her Jesus.  It was inspiring and heartbreaking and heart filling and it made me dream of a better world and men that can be Brave hearts and Uncommon men and women that can love themselves because of who they can be through the Lord Jesus Christ.
She made me want to know God better and to dwell more closely with Him. 

Her proclamation of her love for Jesus is heart freeing. She does not ask for forgiveness for being straightforward and politically incorrect. She is standing loudly for Him. I want to be more like Gianna because she wants to be more like Jesus. She is God's girl. I am too. Be blessed as you listen to this video. Be blessed and let's live our love for Jesus out loud. Let's not be afraid of being politically correct. Our world in my opinion, is being politically corrected straight into hell.
We need to stand up with great love and tell the glorious story of our Savior.
Blessings. Amy
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Warren Baldwin said...

I've heard part of this before but listened to it again, all of it. Words can't describe how moving it is. And you heard her in person? That must have been even more memorable.

What she said about how the abortion centers used to dispose of aborted babies who were actually born alive is especially horrifying. How can anyone claim that abortion is not murder, the unnecessary killing of a human life? What do you have if an abortion fails? You have a baby, a human being. What a powerful story she tells. Thanks for sharing!

Incidentally, last night I posted an article about how we are not mere accidents. You might find it interesting, as it (slightly) parallels this story.


Warren Baldwin said...

I'm going to post this video on Family Fountain on Friday, and I'll link back here as my source.

We'll be at Red River again next summer. Already got the invite to speak again. Lord willing, Cheryl will be with me this time, and maybe our other daughter and husband (they are getting married Jan. 7. Ah, transition time for mom and dad). wb

Wa Wa Waughs said...

What a beautiful, simple testimony! Thanks for sharing!

Pat said...

Gianna's moving testimony of God's love and grace toward her made me cry. What a great challenge she has given all of us who are believers to stand up for life. I hope you don't mind that I am posting this video on my blog on Thursday this week (11/3). I am including a link back to you as my source, as did Warren Baldwin.