Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NFL Football and Packing Up...

What a blur these past few weeks have been.  This little move from one house to another is quite an undertaking but I think we are going to live through it. 

A nice rain and cold front blew through yesterday. It rained bucket fulls. It was so wonderful. 

We were blessed this past weekend to be able to get down to Houston and see Colt's game against the Texans. Our boys met us down there and it was wonderful to hang out with them for the day. We got to hug Colt and sweet Rachel's necks and talk for a few minutes. It was a blessing.
Sure do miss them. 
Love this picture of Colt and his mama.
 This is a little blurry but sweet. I realized after the long walk from our car into the stadium that I forgot to put my camera in my bag. Believe me, I was not happy with myself. 
So, these pictures are taken with my phone. Grrr...
 I have to say that I have two really special, wonderful brothers.  This older one is pretty incredible. I watched random people walk up to him after the game with Longhorn or Cleveland Brown's jerseys asking if he could get Colt to sign them. He took their addresses down on his phone and took them with him. He was stressed and tired and hungry and concerned about Colt but he was just downright nice to all of them. 
I love you big brother. You are kind and classy. 
 Jump to Monday and we got into this business...
My precious sister's in laws which I just call my sisters came
behind the pine curtain and helped me pack up my house the past two days. 
Their help was invaluable.

I could not have done all of this alone and I am thankful. 
The help packing was super but the fellowship and talks in
between packing were balm to my heart and soul.
 We did take a break last night to enjoy a yummy meal at one of our favorite places.
They serve this dish called Chicken Guadalupe. Oh my goodness. I love it. 
I will have to walk an extra mile today because I love it so much. 
It's the skinny pasta for me next time! :) 
So...thank you for your help Jan and Debra!
You are a blessing to me in so many ways.
Love you dearly.
I pray that your week will be a wonderful one! We are hoping to get resettled soon and are looking forward to THANKSGIVING!! Our favorite time of the year.
Blessings! Amy


Pat said...

Wow, you have been very busy! You have wonderful friends to help you pack up for moving and also a wonderful big brother and nephew. What blessings for you!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I wondered if you had gotten buried under all the stuff! You are so blessed to have your sisters help. What a great weekend!

So what is in Chicken Guadalupe? Looks pretty!

Cheryl said...

Love you Amy and your incredible family..... I have thought of you often this week and I was hoping Janny & Debra were working hard to help you! Miss you - hope to see you soon.

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Sounds like a FUN weekend~great pics too.

Praise the Lord for good helpers...who bring good fellowship with them! That dish of Chicken Guadalupe looks wonderful. Wow!

Praying for you as you move. Take care friend!