Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ah...Spring Break...

 Here is a heartfelt Sappy Spring Break Salute to you from Hot Springs, Ark.!!
 We enjoyed a few days in this quirky, strange, interesting,
Quite the place to people watch, eat, take baths, learn about gangsters and look at flowers.  The Buckstaff Baths in the above picture is part of the Hot Springs National Park and offers bathing just like they did back when it first opened in the late 1800's or early 1900's I think. 

This adventure is not for the inhibited person by any means. Bathe in the waters, sit in the steam room, enjoy? a sitz bath, endure a hot towel soak and love the massage.  Whew...glad, so glad it is divided women on one side and men on the other.
 Bath House row...
 This huge building is an old VA hospital that is now an insane hospital.
I promise it is an insane asylum. Spooky.
 Hot Springs...see!
 I loved all of the old buildings. So quirky and cool. Like going back in time...
We kept walking by this sign so...we had to find somewhere to get a biscuit.
We found this oh so yummy place. Biscuits were good but the pancakes were out a this world. So good we went back three mornings in a row.

Which led to me feeling like this:
And then Sid made us walk up a huge mountain to walk off the pancakes, so that is why my face is beet red in this picture. Thank you honey.
He still was not convinced we had walked enough so we headed out to Garvin Gardens out by the lake and walked through the gorgeous flowers and trees. Nice

 The tulips were in full bloom and incredible.

So, if you ever want a little get away to an interesting place...
Hot Springs just might be your spot. I'd go again just for the pancakes.
Eat some for me if you head that way...
Blessings. Amy


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I'm rolling - so funny - from pancakes to fat-bottomed girls!

Vickie said...

Love that "fat-bottom girls"! So cute! I was in Hot Springs a long, long time ago. We went to late night auctions - that was fun! Do they still do that? Tony and I have never been, but this looks fun! Besides, Amy, you've got me wanting some cupcakes!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Fat bottomed girls! LOL!!!

Never been to Hot Springs, have heard it's neat. Love all the old buildings~insane asylum...hhmmm. Days I feel like I should be a resident! ha ha