And Life Goes On...

Hello! It has been rather strange going for this longer than usual time without blogging. 
Life has been crazy is a bit of an understatement.
Here is what we have been up to:

Moving (ourselves=not too smart)

Putting our "things" of which we have way too much
of  into a storage unit...on the second floor. Yes.

Moving in with our boys until we found a house
(we looked at well, probably fifty)
 They all run together at that amount, believe me.

Crawling over all the boxes and furniture in storage unit to find
 my suitcase with all of my good clothes in it. glad my best friend did not take pictures of that event.

"Fixing up" the boys rent house that we own.
We could not figure out why we could barely walk this morning.
Sid says there are about fifty and fifty one reasons.

Trying to get oriented to a new place.
Thinking about making friends and
missing our friends from East Texas.

Spending two weeks trying to get our
oldest son well enough to go to camp.
Mono is not something you get over quickly.
Still praying he gains strength every day.

Enjoyed having lots of days in a row to
spend with our boys all under one roof.
What a blessing.

Thinking about getting geared up for a great new job.
Praying God's blessings on all of it.

Giving thanks for a great church to enjoy and
new people to fellowship and grow with.

Doing a lot of thinking about this scripture:
 We had this huge dead tree in the back yard
that we had to have cut down.
Believe me, I would not want that job.
These guys did great.

 Now, two days after our boys have taken off for the summer, I am missing this one and his blue eyes...
 And this one with his quirky craziness and hazel eyes...
 Oh, this is a project we are about to get started on.
Notice that this is a six foot five, body sized hole in the dining room wall.
I am sure that you can imagine how that got there.
They are paying for it.
 So, life is going on and we are moving along with it. 
This is my new view for the next six weeks.
 Nice. It's still a Wonderful Life.
Quote that made me cry a little this
morning during my Bible study time.
By Anne Voskamp-

The parent must always self-parent and self-preach first before Child teach,
because, who can bring peace unless they have held their own peace?

The Lord has to break us down at the strongest part of our
self-life before He can have His own way of blessing with us.

Wrestle with God, beg to see the blessing...
and all the faces become the face of God.

Have a blessed day. Amy


Wa Wa Waughs said…
OH, I have thought about you and prayed often. I know it's a huge amount of work I would totally avoid. You have such an awesome attitude about it!

Blessings to you, my friend.
Becky W said…
Blessings on you as you go through all these changes. I am so glad school is out so I can daily come and be blessed by you! Hang in there! God will supply all your needs!

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