Wednesday, May 2, 2012


 Sweet little turtle crossing the yard early this morning and we have oodles of these green,
 (I want to say yucky) lizards everywhere. They creep me out just a bit.
These critters were not in my yard this morning, thank goodness. Zane is my hilarious nephew on top of the statue. These future Aggies were attending Aggies for Christ, Shine weekend.
Looks like they had fun. I am sure of it. By the way...Happy Birthday today crazy nephew!
 Love you!

These are the critter's above Freshman Aggie sponsors. So mature.
When you gotta just gotta slip-n-slide.
So here on the home front and in my heart...I am focusing on this thought...because it has been a hard week in a lot of ways.
 And to another family member who is strong, tough, humble and stands on the Rock, take heart...
Blessings friends! Amy


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sweet encouraging words and pictures. I've got Mr. and Mrs. Mallard Duck in my front yard right now!

Vickie said...

Love those Aggies! And Aggies for Christ, too! Now I may have to steal that Lifeguard pic - that's great!