Monday, July 9, 2012

Too much to say...

Do you ever feel that way? Like there is just so much going on or things are just so discombobulated (I've wanted to use that word for a while) that you can't quite think straight?  I really have a lot of things I want to share with you but can't seem to get it together in my mind very well.

Reasons that I am brain dead that I am falling back on-
We are living in a rent house with most of our "things" in storage.
We are trying to make new friends...this makes me a little nervous and tired and makes me contemplate closing myself up in the house like a hermit. Just kidding- a little.
We are trying to close on a house.
We have a new job- a tad bit stressful, but the wonderful of outweighs the stressful.
The new job requires working out of the house which requires the use of the dining room table which means we eat meals in front of the tv with the coffee table as a food table. What? We have never done that.
So- we eat out quite a lot which means my clothes are getting tight
and that causes STRESS and brain fatigue.
We saw Spiderman in 3D last night I still feel like I am leaping off of buildings and flying through the air.
I turned another 50 something number in the past few days.
I miss our boys so much that I have to think of things they
have done that made me mad so I won't get leaky eyes.
My husband keeps asking me when I am going to blog. This makes me feel like I need post something good which makes my blood pressure go up. ha. not really.
Well, that is enough of that...

Since I can't seem to write anything really worth reading, here are some pictures from the past week or so:

Gorgeous painting that hangs in the George Bush Library.  Two great men.
We enjoyed the fourth of July at the museum. It was impressive with four fighter planes making a fly over. Of course I missed that shot. Grrrr...they just came and went so incredibly fast.
 Fireworks. Beautiful night...
Last weekend we were blessed to attend the wedding of some good friends. This was a peaceful shot of the auditorium before the wedding. Love the stained glass windows.
Two of my favorite girls. Aren't they beautiful?
Thing is, they are just as lovely in their hearts and attitudes as they are lovely on the outside.
I have this problem. Spending only one week at camp is just not enough.  Missing these guys and all the beauty and fun that Camp Blue Haven is.

 The Trash Man...

Another problem with my brain right now is that I am having some serious thoughts about needing to find a beach somewhere. It is a bit overwhelming.  Wish we could just pop in here.
Anyway- thanks for letting me ramble and not make much sense at all today. I promise that very soon I will blog something that actually means something. Hopefully, when I become un-discombobulated.
Blessings! Amy


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Hi Friend. I feel your pain. Not right now, but I have before. I vividly recall this feeling when our house was being remodeled one summer with 75% of our stuff packed away; refrigerator in the garage, cooking out of a microwave only, using the sink in the laundry room for dishes. There were workers in our house almost daily, and I had 3 elementary school kids running around. No peace. One thing that helped was I started taking the newspaper again (I had canceled it since we had moved recently) and I got back to my routine with my tea and paper in the early morning. Also we started having "Friend Day" at our pool every Wednesday and the moms would come watch the kids swim. I needed those mom friends to commiserate with and the regularity of that gave me something to look forward to each week. I like to think I prayed for clarity in my situation but I just can't remember! Maybe you can find a useful tidbit in all of that. Blessings to you, Amy!

Unknown said...

I LOVE YOU!!! Discombobulated or not!!

Susie Zienko said...

I can relate to your wanting to hole up in the house like a hermit...I feel that way a lot and I've not had ANY life changes recently. You are making a transition, and that is hard. Be patient, and don't try to force the changes. A new routine will gradually develop and things will be back to a "New Normal." I sure miss Sid's smile - but you get to experience it even more since he's working at home. Love, Susie

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Oh my goodness! You have MUCH going on. Praying for PEACE and comfort for you and your family. May your focus not be on all the "things"(soooo hard to do) but on our Lord...he will guide you and direct you just like you need to be. Eating in the living boys would LOVE your home! lol
Take it one day at a time and know I'll be praying for ya!! {hugs}

Jama Lee Schlauch said...

You could come visit me! I have a beach!! Love you.

Liz Crittenden said...

I don't know why it listed me as "unknown" :(
Love ya!

Vickie said...

Me, too! Me thinks I should just meet you at the beach and we can relax! That's lookin' pretty good to me right about now!

Don't you just love the Bush Library??? We went there a couple of years ago, and I kid you not - we spent 2 1/2 hrs in there just looking and reading, etc. It's fabulous!

Your boys are so handsome...

Candie said...

I like this post. Your word choice keeps readers hooked! Thanks for sharing.

Becky V said...

That is the word I have been searching for! Discombobulated. Been feeling that same way. And that part about your boys made me laugh! I can so relate...I have been doing the same thing - reminding myself of times Kelsey drove me nuts in hope of missing her less. (Doesn't really work, but a mom has to try. :)