A Friday Night In Texas...

I bet you thought I was going to talk about football? Nope, not this time.
A town not too far away from where we live has what they call First Friday in their downtown area.  We had heard about it for months and last night went to see what all the fuss was about. We had a ball. Most all of the shops stayed open until late and on every other corner there where bands and guitar players and you name it.  Lots of music going on. It was so very cool. I loved that two of the bigger bands playing were playing Christian music.
 There were a few horse drawn carriages clip clopping around all lit up.
 There was a way cool old theater right downtown. This First Friday downtown event has a little bit of a 6th street (in Austin) feel with all of the music going on. 6th street done the clean, family way. Very, very cool.
They show a kids type movie on the grass in a certain spot at the end of downtown. It was kind of like going back in time to what it might have been like years ago. People out with their families and a picnic supper watching a sweet movie with lots of friends. Quaint and nice.
 I had to stop and see what these guys were reading.
 We had supper in an old soda shop. Gorgeous building.
One of the last things we saw was a group of belly dancers on one corner.
Yes, belly dancers. Oh my. Not my favorite corner. Silly.
It was a Friday night well spent. We will go back. Next month. Promise.
We might even find us a corner to sing on. You never know.
Blessings! Off to watch the Aggies beat Ole Miss!


Elaine said…
Looks like a fun night! Love Texas!
Sounds like a great evening!

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