Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sold Out...

We finished our ladies class study last week and boy was it awesome.
The study was "He Speaks To Me" by Priscilla Shiver.
She was to the point and inspiring and heart moving.
Here are some of her thought to end this study:
We must position ourselves to hear from God.

Have to be still so that He can speak to us. We need to listen and to feed on His Word.

We have to be childlike to hear- don't be too intellectual to hear Him.

We have to be single minded in our worship of God- completely focused.
Am I being held captive by anything besides God?
Am I allowing myself to be a slave to other things?

Be sold out! Be so hungry for the presence of God that you desire nothing else.

We have to set ourselves apart. We have to have no toleration of sin in our lives. Stand. Be Holy.

The main reason we submit to God is because Christ Himself was willing to submit.

Our submission to earthly authority shows our submission to Divine authority.

We don't have to have a death grip on life like this crazy kitty.  We can live without fear through our Lord Jesus. We can wait on Him and listen and let Him lead. We can rest in Him and be at peace through Him.
I have been enchanted the past few weeks with the numbers of butterflies dancing around on the flowers and being blown about in the wind.
They just seem to spread joyous fairy dust all around me. 
God, thank you with all of my heart for the lovely, gorgeous little flights of fancy. 
I think You are giving us a little peek into the magical and awesome beauty we will see in Glory.
Father, help us to be sold out for You.
Thank You for giving a reason to live and love.
Blessings friends! Amy


Wa Wa Waughs said...

What a beautiful post! sounds like a good study - thanks for your inspiring words and pictures.

Anonymous said...

Great thoughts!