Monday, January 14, 2013

A Heart For Children...

My mother in law Joann Walker-
She had the idea many years ago to start a Christian school in her community.
She kept at it until it happened.
She had a dream and God helped it to come true.
This wonderful school now has "JoAnn Walker" day each year to remember her heart and love for children.
She was not just a champion for Christian education, she was a person in love-completely with Jesus.
All that she did burst forth from her passion about her Giver of Salvation and hope and life. Jesus.
My husband was blessed to speak on this special day last week.
It was a sweet time of remembrance and it was precious.

She would have hated it though. She was a most humble person that never wanted any credit for anything and never wanted any fuss over her.  She would not have liked having a day with her name on it.
She would insist if she were here to have the name of Jesus put forth instead.
She has been with Him now for three years.
So strange to loose someone so close and dear.
We miss her.
But, we will be together again and will be coming with alot of sweet children and families that are loving and growing in knowledge and grace in this Christian school. Thankful.
Mama Jo holding Wes and laughing with Will and Abigail.
Blessings all. Amy


Becky W said...

What a legacy!!!!! Thank you for sharing this story that encourages me to always let my light shine to give HIM the glory!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

That is so wonderful! What a treat for you and your husband's family! Love hearing those stories of selflessness.

Vickie said...

Amy, what a wonderful legacy your mother in law left behind. One that keeps on giving and giving to those children who pass through those doors. What a lovely woman your mother in law is, and now she has received her reward! Thanks for sharing this, Amy. Love the picture of her, too - you can tell she really loves children~~~

Elizabeth Mullins said...

I agree with Becky & Robin! What a legacy!