Thursday, February 28, 2013

Organized. Yeah...Right...

I am organized just good enough to function.
Sad. I know.
It's not that I like it. Really.
I dream of being organized.
I even try. It just does not take. Much.
Look at this sweet little Willow Tree Angel.
She is the angel of Good Health.
It's probably not a great omen that she fell off the top of the fridge and was decapitated.
Anyway, this is somewhat how I have felt the past few weeks.
We have met ourselves coming and going and life has been busy.
As my grandmother would say, "You have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off."
I know what that looks like. I helped her ring quite a few chickens necks when I was young.
Just take my word for it. It is not a pretty sight.
Back to the organization thing...
I met with a group of moms from church a few nights ago and we talked about being organized. This was a torturous meeting for me. I came home and apologized to my husband for all of the un-organization pain that I have caused him all of these years. I took this picture of my closet when I came home that night. I know, I know, you are thinking about calling the Hoarder show and turning me in. Stop it.

My plan is to finish this blog post and get off and organize this closet. I have no idea really how to do that, but I will be doing it in a minute.
One thing I was inspired to organize after that get together a few nights ago was this little notebook.
It has a zip up folder for each person in our family. Inside I put passports, SS# cards, transcripts, birth certificates, etc. in each one. I am so stinkin proud of myself that I just might skip cleaning up my closet. :)
Oh, my goodness I hope that some of those wonderfully organized beautiful moms from our get together will never read this post. I am really brave or really stupid to post the pic above.

Don't freak out friends. My kitchen is really clean. Just not my closet.
And yes, it does seem that I have a shoe problem.
Enough of that!
I will leave you for today with my day dreams about past Spring Break fun...
Oh, how I miss those days! Sleeping in the pop up and cooking over the camp stove.
Laughing with the boys and our friends and listening to the outside night sounds.
 Loved the blessing of seeing and drinking in God's incredible creation.
 Oh, how blue the sky is in Big Bend National Park.
I wish we were all going back there in a week.
Cherishing the memories.


Vickie said...

Hey Amy - I must admit - I'm not organized either. I try, I really do. I can clean up and look organized when someone comes over, but most of the time things are straight - but don't look in the drawers and closets! EEEEKKK!

I miss those spring break fun times, too... sigh...

Wa Wa Waughs said...

So I see this was posted 14 hours did you do on the closet? Did you do enough to post another one? HA! JK I've got a problem in my closet too...who wants to spend time on something no one ever sees? Yes, I know it will affect time spent getting ready, etc., but it is hard to want to do that. We all love you anyway!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I made a comment the other day but I guess it didn't take! How's your closet looking now? Hopefully you got something done - it's one of those things people never see so why spend time there? That's my mentality...but we do lose time in the messiness of it I guess. Blessings!