Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Busy, busy, busy. Have you ever been in a spot spiritually where it was clear that God just wants you to sit and wait and listen and learn? Maybe to stop the busy-ness and take a chill pill? We all want to be in charge of our lists of things to do and our days but at times God screeches the brakes and says to stop and be still. That is good. Maybe we might be missing what we are to be seeing and what we are to be about. These things I am pondering and thinking about.

Intellect and the transferring of spiritual information alone will not disciple people.
Church will happen if we make disciples- not the other way around.
There is an eternal difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus.
The key is not more evangelism, but more discipleship.

These thoughts are strong and I am thinking about what our lives are really to look like.
Basically though, all we have is today. Today to ask God to help us be Jesus with skin on to the people around us.  Today I want to speak His name and bring healing and hope. Today we need to have Him so thickly on our minds and in our hearts that we can't help but cry out for joy and spread the good news.
Just thoughts. Thank you for listening and thinking with me.

Want alot of random pictures of life lately? Well...here you go...

On our spring break weekend we drove through Brady,Texas where we first lived after getting married. This sweet little house was our first home. Such great memories of the first few years of life with my best friend.
Flowers in a yard not far from where we live. We walk by nearly every day and marvel at the array of color. It is so pleasing to our eyes and good for our hearts. God sure loved us to provide such beauty.
 Wildflowers in the ditches here right now. Wow.
I was blessed to be included in a watercolor class a few days ago.  What fun it was to paint with these women. Hey, at least you can tell they are trees. :)
 We titled our paintings- Into the Light.
This gentle (funny) giant works with his brother for one of our friends that owns a construction company. This is his interpretation of the scene at the beginning of Le Mis. Oh, Wesley, you make us laugh. We love it.
 Our oldest son on spring break with his sweetheart. Aren't they the cutest couple?
This is just for fun. Sweet little Lucy is playing with her owner.
I guess even cute little red haired poodles like to rough house sometimes. Hilarious.
(pause the music if you want to hear the ruckus.)
I hope that your busy days are filled with peace and love and constant thankfulness. Thanks for reading to the end of this post. :) Here are some inspired, beautiful words to leave you with...
Blessings! Amy