Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fleeting Summertime...

I am over and over amazed at the beautiful clouds.
I was that little girl that gazed for long periods of time at the clouds looking for faces or animals.
Now, I marvel at the colors and depth. Well, and still a few faces or animals at times.
God is amazing and gracious.
Summertime is going, going and nearly gone.
I have loved it but am a little glad.
I miss this boy and really need a big six foot six bear hug from him- and his big brother.
Speaking of his big bro, here he is in Peru with some sweet little friends.
We can't wait to hear the stories about 10 wonderful weeks in Peru.
Life changing i think.
Just for laughs...
Gentle giant number 2- hope you are keeping a journal. I want to hear about this picture.
Don't forget any details. That long road trip in August- can't wait to talk. :)
This scripture jumped out at me this morning.
There is no other God.
We have been studying and thinking about the idols in our lives.
How worship is not something you go to on Sunday mornings but it is every minute of every day.
We are always worshiping something. Most of the time it is not God.
Thinking today about what I worship besides God. 
I feel there will be a long list.
Just to start- I think I may make idols of and list or time schedule, my stomach, my children, my husband, entertainment...and the list goes on.
I pray for awareness and conviction so that I can give them all to God and just worship Him.
What are some of your idols you place before God?


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I feel your pain! So thankful for technology, though, right??? Those are some interesting pictures and I know you'll love getting to hear all the stories behind them. Your thoughts are stepping on my is so hard to live in this world sometimes!

Patty said...

I enjoyed stopping over for a blog visit and look forward to dropping by again. Have a great evening!