Red River Encampment 2013...

For the 23rd summer in a row we have attended the Red River Family Encampment.
A few weeks ago we drove curvy roads up through Mora, NM toward Red River.

The Land of Enchantment.
We have enjoyed this special event in June each summer. We watched all of our kids grow up year after year as we enjoyed the fellowship and reunion and blessing of growing in God's word through the Red River Family Encampment.
What a time it has been.
Such great memories of a week each summer filled with cool temperatures, birthdays, lots of wrestling and fishing and throwing footballs and Frisbees. Enjoying the cowboy shootout and encampment bible classes. Eating lots of ice cream and riding four person bikes up and down the street. Drinking coffee and visiting about bible verses and life early in the mornings with my mama and Debra, Jan and Sid. 

Seven boys sleeping in one room and remembering loving hearing the laughter into the night.  Riding the chair lift up to the top of the mountain and hiking around. Singing with the family and being so blessed by hearing men speak boldly and lovingly about God and how to please and love Him. Hearing Willard Tate do Willerwood and cherishing every minute that we were in fellowship with him and his family.  Early morning walks up and down Main Street. Sunsets over the mountains. Hot tubing with a bunch of little boys. Skating at the Fun House and putt putt under the trees. Hiking up the ski slopes and down the ski slopes. Taking turns cooking meals and enjoying talks around the table. Wonderful memories all.

We always took this  photo on the stairs going up to our big top unit at the Ponderosa Lodge.
We felt so sorry for the people in the unit below us. There were lots of little feet running constantly.

 My, how time flies...
This was our last year to sing as a family at Red River.
What an incredible time it has been and what a blessing.
 Another photo we always took was in front of Shotgun Willies cafe with this adorable little bear.
This summer all the kids were away well...just living and busy with life and were not able to make the trip.  Most are not "kids" anymore. :) Life sure does move on.
It's supposed to. It's ok and it's ok to be sentimental about it. God was so gracious to bless us with such sweet family time. He still does. It just looks a little different these days.
So, thank you everyone that has had a hand in putting on the encampment all of these years.
You are difference makers for God, and we are thankful to have been a part of it all. We look forward to more years of singing together and fellowship. Hopefully we will be bringing our folks up next summer to help the three of us get a singing program together. We will see how God chooses to bless that.

Thank you Mom and Dad for thinking it was important to sing together and to spend our time at events like the encampment. The spiritual blessings and encouragement and friendships made in Red River at this encampment have had a huge impact on our lives. Thank you.
So, for now, goodbye New Mexico.
I have been enchanted by you.
You are enchanting because God chose you to be so.
I am thankful. See you soon. We can't stay away for long.


Wa Wa Waughs said…
Such wonderful memories! That is quite a number of years...and hard to let go and move on without the kiddos. Your example to so many other families will live on!
Anonymous said…
My family has been blessed to be part of RRFE the last 3 years, and to hear your family's wonderful singing.

Twenty-three years. That is a lot of accumulated memories. And I sense you have many more to experience over the next 23. I do hope you continue singing.

Great post.

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