Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Touch Of Fall...

My favorite time of the year. Fall. 
Here in the great state of Texas it takes fall quite a while to get here.
We had our first touch of it over the weekend.
Drier air, cooled off temps. Well-cooler
Down from 100's and high 90's to low 80's and even one day rain and in the 70's! Brrrrr....
It was so enchanting! Yes, enchanting and hopeful and fresh and reviving.
We have hope that the heat will end in the near future. 
Can't wait to see lovely pumpkins adding warm color to front porches and grocery store displays...

Oh, to see sights like this.
My eyes would love to behold such beauty...
Last Sunday we had our boys and lots of their friends over for lunch. 
What a blessing to spend time with them all and to enjoy hearing the laughter and conversations. 
Cocoa Puff cookies were on the menu. 
Definitely a hit. Pop over to an old post for the recipe...
I have not done much decorating for fall.
Life has been moving really fast lately but I managed to get a few things out...
 I love the sweet little bird my sister in law Debra gave me this past Christmas.
 A profound statement for me...

We were also blessed last week to spend time with our nephew Zane
at one of my favorite places to get together.
Sure do love our boys...
I have a seriously ridiculous Pei Wei addiction going.
I. Must.Stop.Going.
My Jesus Calling book this morning sent me to this verse...
Just what I needed to hear.
We have to learn to acclaim Him. I can only acclaim Him if I know Him.
I then can walk in the light of His presence. Wow. Blows my mind that I can walk in His presence and that this causes me to rejoice in Him ALL DAY LONG.
Just amazing and awesome.
OK, if you have stuck with this post this long, THANK YOU and  I want to leave you with something that is really becoming a super pet peeve of mine. I am so guilty of over use of my phone. I am fussing at myself and I am issuing a challenge for all of us.

Just this:
Put your phone away during meals. 
At home and out to eat. 
There is nothing on your phone that cannot wait 45 minutes to an hour.
Be with the people you are with.
It is rude and unacceptable to stare at your phone during a meal or even sitting with a group of people. What a super waste of time.
Everyone does it?
Yeah, I know.
I hate it.
Let's change it.
Set the example and make your gatherings phone free.
Let's pledge to completely be where we are in the moment with the people we are with. Be present.

We are missing out on valuable time that could be used to focus on the people in front of us.
Let's show them how important they are.
More important than our phones.

That's it for now.
Let's just do that.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh, I love everything about this! Fall decor and cocoa puff cookies. I made those once and no one except me ate them. I think my family made up another name for them...a not nice name!

What do you get at Pei Wei? I'm a fan of their lettuce wraps!

Sweet verse and a pet peeve I wish everyone had!