Monday, September 16, 2013

Aggie Football & Living Radically for Jesus...

We enjoyed a very busy weekend of fellowship and fun and Aggie football.
This weekend also included this delectable- (I use that word because it is just a cool word and yes, it's that good) Jan's and Jennifer's pumpkin cake. I take no credit.
I have been to many Aggie football games (thanks to my sweet father in law blessing us with wonderful tickets) but this one last weekend against Alabama took the cake on noise level.
Wow! My ears were ringing after that game.
The Aggies came out on the short end of the scoring but boy was that fun.
So proud of our Aggie football team.
Yes, it is a great, complete, whole team- not just Johnny Manziel. :)
I must say too- we have a pretty special head coach. We like him.
The next day we enjoyed a new little hole in the wall 
cafe that served unbelievably large chicken fried steaks. 
Again- Wow. 
Our youngest gentle giant polished this one off pretty easily. 
My, how boys can eat.
That same younger gentle giant brought us 
this stray black this afternoon.
She is a sweetheart. 
I just need to learn how to be a cat person really fast. :)
On a more interesting topic- we are studying the book called "Radical" by David Platt in our Sunday morning Bible class right now. Great but tough book. Here are some thoughts:

Somewhere along the way we have missed what is radical about our faith and replaced it with what is comfortable. We are settling for a Christianity that revolves around catering to ourselves when the central message of Christianity is actually about abandoning ourselves.

Do we really believe He is worth abandoning everything for?

What is it about God's Word that creates a hunger to hear more? And not just hear the Word but to long for it, study it, memorize it, and follow it?  What causes followers of Christ around the world literally to risk their lives in order to know it?

What I think I have learned so far:
I think that even though I am comfortable and have everything that I need or want-I/we are the ones to be pitied.  We want the comfortable Jesus. We don't really have the hunger that we need and that would make all the difference in our lives. We have everything we need here in this American dream.

Other people in desperate need or third world situations have nothing. They sometimes are just hoping for food for the day and the basics of life.  They hunger for hope and life and a Savior.  We feed our hunger most of the time with everything but Jesus.

Yes, this is tough, but I am afraid if I don't figure it out for myself that I am going to be completely missing the boat about how I could be living my life for Him. Studying, thinking, pondering, and wanting to figure out how to put into practice a life centered on Him and wanting to feed a growing hunger.
My heart tells me to stay in the Word and to pray.
Pray with other believers.
Pray for big things.
I'm not sure how our lives are supposed to look-
but I think it should be some different than how it looks right now.
Jesus, please lead us.

Just thinking.
What are your thoughts on hungering for Jesus and
how you combat being comfortable and not needing Him?


qb said...

I wonder if spending a lot of time outside the church, in exile as it were, might have the effect you're seeking...?

I wonder if exile might focus the mind and heart (on those things that are really important to God, I mean) in a way that remaining in an insulated,religious bubble never could...?

Interested to see what your friends think, Amy.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

OH, you challenge me! Sometimes with all our riches, we finally realize that none of this stuff is fulfilling, and that brings us to the feet of Jesus. Sometimes a tragedy takes us to his feet. Just different things for different folks. I think you are right. When we forget to pray and habits form that take us away from study and communion we are in trouble. We have to care about each other and not let that happen!

GottaHaveJC said...

This is so very thought-provoking, Amy! You've opened some really deep thoughts. Thanks.