Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day...

Hello! We are having a super Labor Day.
It is a day off from work but weird how it seems like we are working harder today than a regular work day. Hmmm...
We started with an early morning walk before the oven was turned up outside and then enjoyed this delicious breakfast- Scrambled eggs with green onions, spinach and mozzarella cheese with avocados on top. Yum.
We are now preparing to have 25 or so college kiddos over for supper tonight and hopefully a time of prayer. Thankful for a busy day.
I pray your day off from normal labor has been just what you wanted it to be.
If you are having to work is something that will cheer you up.
It makes me smile. This video is from the movie Enchanted.
(Please pause the blog music and enjoy.)

Tomorrow I am excited about showing you how lovely the coast of Alabama is...

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Vickie said...

Hi Amy - just checking on you and yours! Hope you had a wonderful get-together with the college kids! You'll probably not have any food left in your house when they leave!

And yes, the coast of Alabama is gorgeous... I didn't get my beach time this summer...maybe next year!