Saturday, March 15, 2014

Birthdays, Fish, Wedding Showers, Spring and More...

This handsome young gentle giant of ours had a birthday in the past few weeks. I was informed that he was a bit miffed that I did not write the usual yearly blog post about his birth.I apologized profusely. Honestly, blogging has not been on the radar much the past 6 months for me.
I miss it but have never been this distracted and busy. I blame it on a new job (a major adjustment) and helping plan a wedding and well- can I blame the rest on just my 50 plus year old mind? Ok. I will.

So- Happy Birthday our sweet Wesley.
Looks like yesterday you caught you a fish to put in the record books. Congrats!!
You are very loved.
Other youngest gentle giant news- he has been hired to go back to Camp Blue Haven for his second year as a counselor.
Love, love, love this. God is so good.
 Anyone tired of the cold?
While in Houston a few days ago I snapped this picture of a tree in full bloom. We are praying that the freezing temps are over and that we can put some flowers in our sad little empty flower pots. We will see.
Bring on the warmer weather!
Our oldest gentle giant had another (the last) wedding shower with his sweetie last weekend. They received this very, very interesting little fairy godmother doll. Very spooky and even to the creepy level. (I am hoping that the sweet lady that brought it for them will never read this blog.) I did enjoy the laughter that that fairy godmother provided us though. Priceless.
Has anyone ever seen one like this?
On to more important thoughts- I have been re-reading Power of the Praying Woman in the mornings along with Battlefield of the Mind Devotional.  Such great thoughts and reminders about how satan works on our minds and tries to blind us to the truth about ourselves and God.

A quote: Power of the Praying Woman
I don't have to entertain every thought that comes into my head. 
I have a choice about whether to listen to the thoughts or not.
Certain thoughts may appear to you to be accurate, 
but when you hold them up to the power of God's word, the lie is exposed.

We can choose to take every thought captive and "let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 2:5), or you can allow the devil to feed you lies and manipulate your life.
If you don't take control of your mind. The devil will.

If you want to determine whether your thoughts are from the enemy or from the Lord, ask yourself, 
" Are these thoughts I would choose to have?"
If you answer no, then they are probably from the enemy.

I pray that your day is going good. 
We are enjoying a rainy quiet Saturday for once.
Dreaming already of summer days ahead...


Wa Wa Waughs said...

That is a funny gift! Maybe they can name her and let her be the queen of the garage?

Linda said...

Beautiful and inspiration post.