Gorgeous Houses of Nacogdoches, Texas...

On a recent quick trip behind the Texas pine curtain in Nacogdoches I drove around and took really quick pictures of some of the houses that I have always loved in this quaint beautiful town. Nacogdoches is known as the oldest town in Texas. We lived there for a number of years and so we have a great fondness for this sweet place and for the friendly people there.

These are just a few of my favorite older homes in Nac.
Enjoy. If you ever need a weekend road trip to a beautiful place. Nacogdoches will not disappoint.

 Not a house obviously but could not resist putting this lovely lane in the blog. Cool, green and shady.

 For some reason this house seems a little "Hobbity" to me. :)

 Not a house but a historical gorgeous church.


Wa Wa Waughs said…
Never have been there but it looks lovely! Love the one with the vines growing over the front door!
Well.. those are just beautiful! Dream homes for sure... especially that first yellow one! :) I love how you find beauty in all things!

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