Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Musings- Missing our Children, Waves and Being Silly...

I miss these two. 
Oh, but look at them in their cool Advocare t-shirts!
Look out Arizona! These two are going Advocare crazy!
All thoughts below are very random postings of  pics from here and there of journeys traveled in the past few weeks. June was a busy month for us. It seems we had nearly all of our summer plans packed into one month. Believe me it is difficult for my kind husband that actually only takes off one week in June, but we manage to keep his weekends busy too.  

We took a quick trip to Corpus after we were home for a week from New Mexico for camp and the Red River Encampment. We just walked on the sea-weedy beach and slept late and ate sea food.  A good time was had by both of us. Thankful.

Since I told you about missing our two "kids" above I must tell you that I miss this young gentle giant more than words can tell.  He is doing a super job at camp this summer. So proud of him. He is having fun too.
 He is a character...
We had fun in June at camp too. Oh- yes I told you about that. :)
1st session CBH goes by too fast.
Not enough time to be silly (looking at these pictures you are thinking, "There was plenty of time to be silly!") and to talk about God.
Once again- thankful. Thankful.

This is the scripture that really resonated with me this summer at camp. 
I praise God for the blessing of being His child and knowing the truth about Jesus and for the voice and heart to share Him with other people.
Let us never stop...

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Yes, you have been busy! I'm about to go stir crazy here since not much has been happening since graduations. We just can't balance everything out like we would like. Vacation can't come soon enough!