Monday, July 7, 2014

Utopia, Texas ('s a secret)...

There is a well kept secret gem of a sweet place on the Sabinal river here in Texas. This little town is called Utopia, Texas. Not much here except a few buildings on the main street with a cafe and grocery store and oh- a golf course. Of course. :) There was a super little movie shot here a few years back called 7 Days In Utopia.  Yep- this is the place. 

We stayed at a quaint lodge on the Sabinal river outside of Utopia called Utopia on the River.
I just love B and B's and lodges where the owners take time to visit and know your name and tell you all about the area and places to eat and things to do. We found our favorite thing to do in little Utopia.
We spent some time floating on this peaceful river (right behind the lodge) and listening to the birds sing as the wind danced through the trees.  The water is so clear and cold and perfect.  This was one of those times in life when you look at the one you love and say something like," This might be one of the coolest things we have ever done." That float and quiet peace was almost magical and a little enchanting.  
The owners fed deer every evening at 7:30. 
Those guys and gals are serious about their corn.

This cool place even has a swimming pool and hot tub. Nice but not as nice as the river.
Another fantastic thing about the property is that they have these record large Cypress trees in the back yard by the river. What majestic trees.
Inside the lodge on Wed. morning before breakfast. Pretty place.
The sweet little cafe in town. Lots of local interesting people. Good food too.

So- there is your short and sweet tour of Utopia, Texas.
You should go and visit. You would love it.
I will leave you with some important words-
Yes- for your life and for mine...

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

That was a good movie! It looks so nice - that tree is HUGE. I am so ready for a vacation...