Friday, August 1, 2014

California Here We Come...(Right Back Where We Started From...)

Howdy! Summer is drawing to a close but the best is yet to come for our family. We still have our vacation coming up! Heading very soon to our oldest gentle giant and his sweet wife's house for some great fellowship and then to the beach and DISNEYLAND with the family. I wish it was all our family every one of them but this time it is just the 5 of us. One of us has never been to see Mickey Mouse. It's gonna be super fun! No, I probably will never get over loving Disneyland. Sorry. No, not sorry. :)

This photo is from around 1968 on one of our first visits to California. 
My precious Mom is a California native and we drove out just about every summer of my childhood and spent two lovely weeks with family.
My brother and I having our pictures drawn in Disneyland. 
Mom still has these up on her wall in her house today. 
 My favorite thing besides the fireworks way back when was the Electric Light Parade.
See- even before kids with our parents and brothers we loved Disneyland. 

When our kids were little I made them all shirts to wear so that we could keep up with them easier in the crowds. Didn't they look cute?! There were a couple of the older ones that fussed about how uncool it was but they wore them. Good sports.

 The shirt this summer (in this picture) was blue with Goofy on the back. Very appropriate for our group. :)
The tea cups. So much fun. Laughing till we cried. Yes, I needed some sort of hair intervention.
 And again...
This is the reason we always went to California. My precious granny and granddad and of course cousins and the rest of Moms fun family.

My Dad had an old camper top with windows on the sides. (no air conditioner) This is Will in the back of the camper on a hot summer trip. We could rough it with the best of them.
 There were always of course several days at the beach.
Usually Newport Beach or Balboa Beach. Cold, cold water but great fun.

So- we eagerly anticipate family time before summer ends at these lovely places that we have such deep fond memories of. Can't wait.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Loved seeing your memories - have a great time!