Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Texting While Driving = Stupidity...

I have a blogger friend that I feel especially close to.
God has been gracious and kind in blessing us to be friends.
She encourages me and gives me advice and has a heart like mine.
I know that the reason we are good friends is that we both love Jesus.
Funny, I have never met her in person but I love her.
Yesterday I found out that her sister and brother-in-law were in a tragic car accident.
He died and her sister was hurt but is physically going to be ok.
Heartbreaking. Painful and senseless.
You see- they were hit by a girl that was texting while driving.
Again- senseless.
I am praying for my friend and her sister and family.
Please, please, let's all STOP TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!

Here is an email I sent my family this morning.

What I should have talked about even more in that email as I pray and think about my friend is the fact that someone died because of a text that probably was just so unimportant. Even if it was important it certainly was not as important as the life of a beloved brother-in-law and husband. There is now a grieving wife and possibly children and family that can't quite wrap their minds around such a dumb mistake.

Let's all stop this madness.
Don't text while driving and encourage everyone you love to stop.


Farming On Faith said...

Oh my~ I am so sorry. It is such a horrible thing! My prayers are with this family!

Thank you for praying for me~ it means so much!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Thank you Amy. It helps to know that others are grieving with you and feel so strongly about others driving responsibly.