Monday, September 8, 2014


We were made for so much more than ordinary lives- (American dream lives.)
This book is shaking my heart up. 
For a long time I have pondered on the fact that I don't think that I am doing the things and living the things that I feel are truly pleasing to God. To help people see this amazing Jesus by more than just being kind and smiling and blessing. My heart tells me it is time to be loving but bold and to get our hands dirty.  One of the comments from a conference we have gone to the past few years called "The Verge" is- "More than anything, it is time to stop being silent." 

This book is helping me to have a little bit of a bigger view of what our lives here in this wonderful country look like. Do you ever lay in bed in the dark and think deep thoughts about what God really wants of your life, and if how you are living is really pleasing Him?  I don't mean to be so hard on us but I think these are very valid questions. We should be asking them.  I don't think its a matter of being ignorant of our need to look different or do things better. For me it is a matter of how in the world do I change? How to check out of the mainstream American dream? I feel we are being led to capture the thought that this void we are feeling comes from not really acknowledging the Holy Spirit into our everyday walk and moments.  
Just a thought, but I know it to be true in my life.

We are so insulated and segmented in our relatively safe world. It is an effort for lots of us to even come into contact with someone who does not think the way we think or believe the way we believe. I am praying for revelation from our Good God about how to (even in the tiniest way)  start helping us to not mind being uncomfortable and safe.  It's a start I guess. Praying. Do you feel the urgency? We do.

 I believe this...

Let's dig deeper and ask God to show us how to move
forward, to be guided by the Spirit living in us.
Perhaps that starts with just acknowledgment that
He exists in us to live and move and give us help. The Counselor.
God seems to be moving in hearts and reviving fellowships.
May be we a part of that and not watch it happening from the side line.


Anonymous said...

Good thoughts, sobering in fact. Recently a friend recommended more focus on the 3 S's: silence, solitude and simplicity. Silence to listen, solitude to spend more quiet time w/God, and simplicity towards exactly what you've shared so we can connect with the common and the ordinary.
Thanks for sharing

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I love Hatmaker books! Will have to put this one on the list. Thanks for talking about uncomfortable things like this.

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness I just finished reading this over the weekend, and I am left with so much to think and pray about! It wasn't an easy read and talk about this getting me out of my comfortable books I'm used to, but it was so good!
This is my first time visiting your blog, but I'll be back again soon!

Misty said...

Amy, I am SO with you. You expressed exactly where my heart has been as well. I have not read Interrupted, but have read several other books with the same type of theme, which has caused my heart to stir. I just finished reading "Anything" by Jennie Allen and cannot recommend it enough. For me, I feel it boils down to surrender of everything so that we can do anything that God wills. Along with these thoughts, I have thought a lot over the last few years about what Phil. 3:10-11.

Thank you for posting and sharing your heart!